Wednesday, October 23, 2013


lunch ride
ROUTE: neighborhood/beltline
TEMP: 77*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 11.21 miles
START TIME: 1244hrs
FINISH TIME: 11437hrs
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: just had to get out there and ride!
the bike was beckoning me as i did my chores. i kept looking outside. hurried to complete the chores and then out on the bike.
with no real plan on where to ride. i just worked on keeping my rhythm steady and my cadence up. as i rode, the exhilaration i felt helped. i guess when u really want to do something, even the smallest thing helps. 8) this is the second ride since the rain kept me and my hubby off the bikes. yesterday's ride was just 'to get out and ride'.
not sure if we will do any more bike rallies. there is one i want to do down south of us. not sure if hubby wants to do it. it would require at least a 1 nite hotel stay if not 2. we'll see. i'm hopin'. 8)

Monday, October 7, 2013


ROUTE: MakeAWish100
TEMP: 75*F
WIND: from the N
TRIP: 20.51 miles
START TIME: 0800hrs
FINISH TIME: 0943hrs
GOAL: finish the ride
OF NOTE: weather was quite nice at the beginning of the ride. however, b4 arriving at the finish line, the weather had turned quite cool with rain beginning.
the plan was to ride the 45 mile route however, i changed it to the 15 mile route due to having trouble with the first incline. hubby had no problem with me not goin' on the longer ride. we parted ways and continued on.
as i rode the route, i noticed that there were not a lot of signs out to direct us. when i came to a 'T' in the road, i went right. (that turned out to be the wrong way.) i continued down the road wondering if i had made a wrong turn. when i got to the highway bridge, i really began to wonder. i was all alone with no navigation to help me. there were no signs and i started to tear up due to being alone and not knowing the area. in fact, i was scared. hubby was on the 45 mile route and i was all alone. after making another right turn onto Wilhemth (i think that's the name) intersected with Community, i rode until i knew where i was. i was at the high school where the other bike rally had been back in June. i knew i was west of there i needed to be but had no idea how to get back. as i backtracked to the light and Community, i stopped and asked a rider how to get back to the rally route. she was kind enough to explain and off i went. didn't exactly go the way she explained but headed east instead of west. as i rode, i told myself i would not go on another bike rally until i have a navigation system. not gonna have this happen again. i followed the signs for HWY75 and was finally able to find some familiar roads hubby and i drove the night b4. i turned onto Tennessee and headed south. i was almost there. but i stopped and asked one more person for help on how to get to the square.
i finally made it to the town square and rode around it twice b4 finding the finish line for the rally.
since i was supposed to only ride 12-15 miles, i knew i would have to wait a couple hours for hubby. however, i did 20 miles due to getting lost. i was not a happy camper.
i stayed on my bike until hubby rode up a few hrs l8r. all the while, praying that he was ok. it had started to rain now and the temps were really cool now. rain and cool/cold temps don't make for a good ride. so i prayed that he would be ok. i, in the meantime, stopped and put on my jacket. i continued to ride my bike until i had to put my pants on over my riding shorts. and that is when hubby came in. so i wasn't there at the finish line to greet him as i was putting on my pants still. anyway, i rode around with him as he cooled a bit more. then we called it a day on our bikes and walked around the square and grabbed a bite to eat.
until my next ride...8)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

sandi_SL4-51: 2 rides combined

morning ride
ROUTE: neighborhood/clay/scyene
TEMP: 82*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 24.01 miles
START TIME: 1003hrs
FINISH TIME: 1258hrs
GOAL: getting ready for bike rally
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong and steady from the south with gusts coming from both south and east. it was a challenge that i met head on. 8)
not much happened on the ride.
i took one real break at my daughter's home for about 20 mins. visit was really nice. took beltline and tripp on the final leg of my ride. really relaxing. as usual, collins was a challenge. i have yet to make it up that incline from the light with any real speed or without being winded. one of these days, collins won't be a problem.
until next ride...8)

evening ride
ROUTE: neighborhood/clay/scyene
TEMP: 82*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 18.22 miles
START TIME: 2000hrs
FINISH TIME: 2130hrs
GOAL: getting ready for bike rally
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong and steady from the south with gusts coming from both south and east. the evening wind wasn't as strong but still very constant and steady.
did not make any stops.
riding my warm-up in the neighborhood, had one incident that could have ended my ride but i was able to avoid it by letting out a scream as i rode by the vehicle that was backing out of their driveway. i was heard by the driver and they slammed on their brakes as i rode on by.
i can't believe they didn't see me. my headlight was on but apparently they didn't look again in my direction. u know, the headlight on my bike is there so i can ride when it's dark. u would think. a moving light would get someone's attention. oh well.
the rest of my ride was uneventful.
my morning ride was very warm and humid. the evening ride was also warm and humid. so when i got home, i was soaked. normally, i don't have sweat dripping off me cuz it usually turns to salt on my skin. but this time due to the humidity, it didn't do that.

until my next ride... 8) off to the bike rally!

Monday, September 30, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/clay/mesquite valley
TEMP: 89*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 26.94 miles
START TIME: 1103hrs
FINISH TIME: 1314hrs
GOAL: getting ready for bike rally
OF NOTE: the wind had strong gusts bur did not inhibit me today.

today i took one of the side roads that i had no idea where it went. went down a road called mesquite valley. i wondered where it went so i took it. it was a nice ride. a few challenging steep hills that i did make. quite a refreshing ride. i really enjoyed the experience today as i rode unfamiliar roads. the ride total time was just under 2.5 hrs and that includes two 5 min breaks to eat and hydrate.
i am very happy with the total trip total time. my goal is to make a 30-40 mile ride in less than 4 hrs. i know it can be done on a road bike but i want to make the ride on a trail bike. i think i can make it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

sandi_SL4-49 - Monday Sept. 23, 2013

ROUTE: neighborhood/long creek/faithon
TEMP: 89*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 31.31 miles
START TIME: 0955hrs
FINISH TIME: 1314hrs
GOAL: getting back into the routine
OF NOTE: the wind had strong wind gusts. i decided to stretch out my ride a bit more but, the stretch was a bit more challenging than planned. i took the wrong road! i ended up way further than i wanted to be.
the ride started out with the intent of goin' 30 miles and making a visit with bff. both goals were met. tho i did notice a big difference from Sunday in the way i felt, explain that later.

i readied myself in my usual way. was really excited to get out there on my bike. after preride checks, i set off on my longer ride.
after leaving the neighborhood, i contemplated the direction i wanted to take after my break at the Shell station. i made the decision to take faithon. i wasn't sure what the road i was supposed to make my turn on tho. but once i was on my way, i concentrated on getting up the incline.
it was difficult for me. the south wind was continually blowing against me making it difficult to do much coasting. the winds really made me work. 8)
i came to an intersection, which i wasn't sure if i was to turn onto, so i went thru the intersection. as i waited for the light, i looked at the road in front of me and noticed some inclines i didn't think i was ready for yet. however, i pressed on when it was safe to go. not far from the intersection, i began thinking, 'i should have turned right at that light.' but i continued forward not wanting to backtrack. whatever came up, i would face it. what proved to be the last incline, i was able to see it quite a ways in advance. it was steep. i contemplated how i would make it up the incline. i didn't have much speed starting up but i kept the gearing so i could continue pedalling. it was beating me and i knew it. after a white van passed me, i came off my bike. not hard. didn't even fall. but i was goin' so slow, i couldn't recover from a move over some unlevel pavement. so i decided to just walk the bike up the rest of the incline. guess i walked just over half way up. to be honest, i was tired. my enthusiasm was there but my energy wasn't. motivation to visit my bff kept me goin'.
when i reached the top, i remounted the bike and continued on not knowing where i was exactly. i knew i was farther than i wanted to be. when i came up on a familiar road, i turned north. following beltline to the 5 corners, i turned on pioneer and was finally getting closer to where i wanted to be. pioneer crosses the road i should have turned onto from faithon. now i know. i continued on pioneer towards scyene. riding up scyene towards my short neighborhood sidetrack, i got back on beltline.
missing my turn as i was in the right lane, i made a safe u-turn and got on kearney. by this time, i was wanting the ride to be done. but i also wanted to make the 30 miles. so onward i pushed with my bff's place on the horizon. just b4 i was about to turn into the parking lot for my bff, a vehicle passed me on the left. it was stupid cuz there was plenty of space to pass me on the right side. some drivers just don't care that bikes have the same rights as a car. it's frustrating. and to think, i used to be one of those drivers. glad i learned the law. just wish the others would. anyway, i made it to her place and was able to get a bite to eat and hydrate. chatted with my bff and made plans for friday nite pizza. can't wait. i said goodbye and got back on my bike. finished the ride coming up collins and cooling down with a short ride in neighborhood. i got in the house and found it difficult to do anything but shower and lay down to sleep. i was wiped out. so that is exactly what i did. didn't make the tuna, clean the kitchen, or anything else.
i did contemplate as to y i was so wiped out compared to my Sunday ride. and i figured it was the fact that i had 2 cups of hot mate' b4 i left. mate' is much different from tea or coffee. it is an herbal type drink. it has a little bit of caffeine like coffee but it contains a lot more stuff the body can use and it really does make a difference. so i will try having a couple cups of mate' b4 i take a ride. i am also getting up earlier so i can start riding early in the mornin'. it's cooler and i can get finished b4 the heat hits. we'll see how that works out.8)

until my next ride post... 8)

Sunday, September 22, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/long creek
TEMP: 75*F
WIND: from the N/NE
TRIP: 24.53 miles
START TIME: 1040hrs
FINISH TIME: 12431hrs
GOAL: getting back into the routine
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong. i decided to really stretch out my ride. today, the wind did not bother me as much even tho it did gust strongly at times.

today was really a good day. when i got up, the weather was absolutely perfect! the temps were in the 70's and the wind was not too bad as i stood in the backyard. after waking up and enjoying some hot yrba mate' and chatting with my hubby, a bike ride was just itching to happen. i gave in to that itch and got ready to go along with my hubby. i took off b4 he was finished.
contemplating on where i wanted to ride, i rode the neighborhood for the warm-up. as i reached the road that i had to make the choice, i decided to go for the long ride. crossing a main road i headed off on my ride. 8)
as i road down Clay Mathis, i decided i would take Faithom to Pioneer. as i took a break at a Shell station, i contemplated that choice. i decided to go back to Scyene and tackle that incline. as i was riding, a train was goin' by and i thought, 'what was i thinking?' but i pedalled on and made it up that incline. i was so proud of myself. i took a short break at the stop sign before continuing on. taking a shortcut thru a neighborhood, i came out on Beltline and headed for the highway. as i rode the main roads, nothing much happened. 8) as i rode under the highway bridge, i contemplated on goin' farther up on Beltline but decided to go on Tripp. on a whim, i decided to ride the paved trails. it was something i wanted to do in the past but wouldn't on the night rides. i thoroughly enjoyed riding the paved trails. the second paved trail, was part of the small park off Tripp near Collins. after completing that trail, i road thru to the police/firehouse station parking lot to Collins. i then contemplated taking the Kearney incline but i was already very close to the 2 hr mark. since this was just the third ride, i called it a good ride and headed home.
while i was riding, i noticed that my legs were not giving me the maximum stroke. i knew that my seat needed to be raised. i made a mental note of it to tell hubby. the other thing that would need to be addressed is the front tire rubbing. i thought it was my brakes so i hit the brakes gently but that didn't take care of it. i then hit them a bit harder but it still persisted. so i finished my ride and told hubby when i got home.
after arriving home, i asked hubby to raise my seat, and check the rubbing on my front tire. he did both and now, i feel much more comfortable. the reason my seat needed to be raised was the fact that i had lost weight. the same for the front brake. who knew? i certainly didn't. i was smiling and really feeling good. having to raise seat cuz i had lost weight, now that really is something. can't wait to have to do it again. 8)
the whole time i was riding, it did not feel like i was even tired. i really did feel rejuvenated. i really didn't want to stop but i knew that it would not be smart to push it too much. there will be other days. next Saturday/Sunday will be days i work on longer rides. if we do go to the rally in Oct, i will be ready. i just wish i had my road bike. i'm itching to make a ride with hubby that is long and relaxing at the same time.
well, until my next ride, SHALOM!


Saturday, September 21, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 78*F
WIND: from the N
TRIP: 13.03 miles
START TIME: 1115hrs
FINISH TIME: 1221hrs
GOAL: getting back into the routine
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong. it actually bothered me a bit. even with the wind, i really enjoyed the ride.
after waiting for about an hour after eating breakfast, i got on my bike. there was no battling back and forth. 8) i decided and i went. it felt great! hope this continues, as well as the weather staying nice. as i reflect on the ride, i am feeling like my ride was lackadasical. it was a lazy ride really. i did have to work when i was goin' against the N wind but the entire ride really did feel kinda lazy. guess, i need to go ahead and start riding my route and get ready for the next rally. 8) we'll see how i do this next week. 8)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

sandi_SL4-46 - Sept. 18, 2013

first ride since the bike wreck.

ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 89*F
WIND: from the SE/S TRIP: 13.05 miles
START TIME: 1940hrs
FINISH TIME: 2053hrs
GOAL: getting back into the routine
OF NOTE: back on the bike!

the whole ride was really relaxing. had only one problem with a dog but nothing else.
i was torn about getting back on the bike. my motivation just wasn't there. it wasn't the fact of the fall or anything like that. i just had no motivation to carry out the desire of getting back on the bike. so i skipped the mornin' ride i planned and decided to wait until the evening. really what i decided was, 'if hubby went for a ride, i would go.' that was good for me. even tho i knew we would ride in different directions. so i made sure i prepared myself to go for a ride.
when i saw hubby get his water bottle ready, i knew he was goin' on a ride. so i immediately got up from the couch and did the same then got my shorts on along with my shoes. i still wasn't motivated to go on a ride but i got ready and headed out.
'would u help me get my bike ready for the ride?' i asked my hubby.
'yes, i'll help u,' he replied.
'thank u,' i smiled and followed him out the door.
he made sure the tire pressure was solid. i made sure the electronics were working. when my bike and his were ready to go, i locked the house and off we went on our different routes.
when i started out from the driveway, it wasn't as difficult to get goin'. 8) i headed on my way smoothly. i only rode the neighborhood as i hadn't ridden for a month. it really did feel good on the bike. i kept the gearing as easy as i could. i rode out on my street and down a short way on the service road towards the hospital parking lot. believe it or not, the wind was not even a problem. with the gearing in the front on the middle sprocket, i was able to ride smoothly. i rode the neighhood twice as i am not ready to tackle the high traffic area with the more challenging areas as of yet. i am going to work slowly to get back into a regular riding routine. with that, i will say, 'UNTIL NEXT TIME!'

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sunday, 08.25.2013, trail ride - ouch!

the day was gonna be another hot one but we really wanted to go for a ride, whether on dirt or pavement. i chose the dirt, so off we went.
at the Rowlett trails off centerville we got on our gear, packs, and off we went. the course was reversed from the last time we were there. and since i was still apprehensive from the last ride, i had a little intrepidation about the ride from the start. but i went forward and followed my hubby. the start of the ride was smooth but it was definitely not what i had wanted. this being our 2nd time on those trails, it made it confusing as to where and which trail to follow. we were quickly in the thick of the tricky stuff. not exactly what i had wanted. but i pressed on. i wanted to face the fear and conquer it. coming to the more challenging hills with tree roots, i stopped and took a long time to decide what i would do. most of the challenging hills i walked down but one i decided that it was strait enough to ride and get up the other side. would have made the upside part if people weren't on the trail making me stop half way up. but i was ok with that and walked the bike up the rest of the way. after remounting my bike, we continued on. i watched as hubby went down another challenging hill. this one started with a soft curve but straitened out and went up steeply on the other side. on the steep incline is a divot in the ground with a lip on top that could cause the bike to flip. u had to maneuver ur bike to one side which had a tree right there on the left. the right side has stone blocks sticking out of the ground that made it impossible. when riding in the normal direction, this is not too difficult to go down but having to go up this side makes it most challenging and tricky. after taking several minutes and letting a few bikers pass, i finally went down the hill on the bike. goin' down was good. however, as i started up the incline i had placed my bike right where i didn't want to be. i slammed on my brakes and promptly went backwards landing on my back. the seat was sticking in my back slightly but no real damage. just some scraps and more apprehension. but what did i do? i took my bike back to the other hill, waited a bit, and tried it again. this time, i made it half way up but didn't pedal so i caught myself with my left foot on the ground, steadied the bike, and walked it up the rest of the hill. i walked it for quite a ways b4 remounting it. with a few more challenging hills i walked the bike down and back up, i finally got back on when the trail straitened out.
i followed hubby at a slower pace as fear was really beginning to bother me. even tho i asked God to help me face it, i was having a very difficult time letting go of it. this is not my kind of trail riding. i don't mind some challenges but not where there is risk of really hurting yourself. i prefer the trail to be much more scenic and enjoyable.
we continued on the ride goin' between very narrow spaces and over rough ground with lots of tree roots makin' the ride challenging. after coming up another challenging hill and between two trees, the path goes strait but has a downhill embankment. the embankment is covered in small brush with trees growing. branches intertwined along the ground. at the bottom of the embankment is a river. having stopped in between two trees, i was contemplating whether or not to ride it or walk it. with the trail being riden in the opposite direction, this part was particularly challenging as the tree root could cause u to go down the embankment, which is on the right.
i chose to ride the trail. wrong choice when u have fear or intrepidation in the back of your mind.
i had backed up my bike and chose the route i would take. i chose to ride over the wrong tree root. after hitting the tree root with my front tire, i lost control of the bike and headed down the embankment. heading strait down where no trees were to help stop me. the tree where my bike ended up was on my left, and it was just a small tree. i was headed strait for the river. somehow i ended up on my back. my pack under me saved my spine from injury. my bike was completely upside down. my seat and some branches were poking my back. i lay there screaming. even when help had come, i screamed. hubby was there trying to calm me. i did stop screaming and he asked if i was hurt. then he asked if i could move. moving my legs and arms i made sure i was intact. that in itself is a miracle. once i calmed my self down, i could feel pain in my upper chest between my right breast and shoulder, it felt like i might have broken my upper rib(s). but after taking a few breaths and not having any wheezing, it was determined that no rib(s) were broken. taking deep chest breaths were very painful so i took the deep breaths in my abdomen immdeiately releasing when the chest filled and the pain was felt.
hubby then assessed how to remove me from my landing spot and get me up the embankment. another rider had heard me scream and came to help. i have very strong lungs. that also was a clue that i had not punctured a lung or had broken ribs.
first thing hubby tried to do was move the bike. but he couldn't cuz the rear derailer was embedded in the trunk of the small tree and i was pushing against the seat. he asked if i could move and i tried with searing pain goin' thru my right shoulder due to the pain in my upper chest from the battery pack for my light hitting me when the bike the flipped. i grabbed the top bar of my bike and pulled myself up to a sitting position and then carefully placed my hands on the entangled branches covering the ground to move away from the bike. however, i couldn't move very much due to branches sticking me in the back. hubby removed them and i carefully maneuvered myself out from under the bike. he told me i have 2 holes in my shorts, which were small and not really noticeable, thank goodness. as i stood up, i looked at my legs. my left leg was covered in scratches and contusions. bruising could be seen on the front to the left side of the left leg. the scratches were stinging but not deep. in fact, no real bleeding at all. the right leg got just a couple scratches. my right arm and wrist got a few whipped scratches. my left arm was covered on the underside with scratches. i got a good laceration on the left side of my neck, just above the base, and a V-shaped scratch on the left temple near the eye.
after the assessment i turned to get up the embankment, which was very challenging with all the entangled branches covering any good footing. the other rider who had come to assist, was able to grab my pack and water bottle. he then helped me over the top of the embankment back onto the trail. he then turned his attention to helping my hubby get my bike back up and on the trail.
all the while, not another rider passed by. if i was alone, i might have laid there for a long time. it's always recommended to ride in pairs. and i'm glad i was with my hubby.
i am also glad that i was wearing protective eyewear and a good helmet. without those, it could have been much worse.
getting the bike detached from the tree was not difficult, amazingly. getting it upright and up the embankment was a bit more challenging. but with the guys on the case, it was done efficiently and quick. the other rider who assisted, continued on his ride after making sure we would be ok.
as i stood there, things were a blur. i had to bring my mind into focus and i did that by thinking of how my fall down the embankment happened. it was good to focus on it as it kept me from blanking out. not blacking out but blanking out. my hubby went over the bike and made any adjustments needed. he especially looked at the rear derailer. amazingly, it was not damaged. in fact, he said the thing was in perfect alignment. go figure! being embedded on a tree fixed the problems i was having with it. and it really did. once he said the bike was good to go, we continued on the trail walking the bikes. i wasn't quite ready to remount. hubby said, "if u want to walk all the way back, i'm ok with that. it's up to u." after walking the bikes for a distance and down some hills and back up, i remounted on a strait stretch of trail. hubby went ahead and i followed. i did not ride down any more challenging hills or up them either. i rode the flat, strait stretches. there is nothing more painful that having the feeling that something is stabbing u in the lungs. i had to constantly remind myself to breath from the abdomen.
hubby decided it would be quicker to the car if we got off the trail and onto the tractor trail, which should take us strait back to the parking lot area. but since we did not know where we were due to being unfamiliar with the area, we went in the wrong direction for quite a ways. but i was not bothered by it. as we were riding, my right eye peripheral vision went into black and white squares. i told hubby and he soon figured that i needed to eat. after eating, my right eye peripheral vision cleared up. i guess we were on the bikes for another hour to hour and a half b4 finally making it to the parking lot area. hubby had me sit at picnic table and he washed off my legs with my water pack. we then headed to the car and home.

after getting home, he told me, "go take a cool shower, then get into tub. don't worry about the bikes and stuff, i'll take care of them."
"ok," i said. "a cool shower then just enough hot water to take the chill out of the water." i headed strait for the shower. he took care of the bikes, including the cleaning and re-oiling of the chains on both bikes.
while in the jacuzzi tub relaxing the pain away, i asked God to take me back to the accident and show me what happened. 'what did i do wrong?' God showed me that an angel had kept me from goin' into the river and caused my bike to flip. i thanked God for saving my life and keeping me from getting more injured. i thanked Him over and over again. i know it was He who saved my life and kept me from really getting hurt. and this is not the first time He has done it.
hubby came in and gave me a kiss and said "drink!" and put my protein drink on the side on the tub. later, when he came to take it to the kitchen, he asked, "want to eat something?"
"i'm hungry, sure," i replied.
"how about an egg sandwich?" he asked as he walked away.
i had already made up my mind to accept anything he offered to eat. and the egg sandwich hit the spot!
not long after eating the sandwich, i finished the bath and got out.
b4 calling it a nite, i chatted with some friends in a game i play. then it was off to bed.

it will be a long while b4 i go back to those difficult trails. i will stick to the more leisurely dirt trails for a while.
i will give myself some time to heal and get my mindset corrected. don't worry, i'm not gonna quit riding my bike.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 90*F
WIND: from the E/SE TRIP: 6.50 miles
START TIME: 1003hrs
FINISH TIME: 1035hrs
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: legs aching to ride.

on this short ride before leaving for the trails, i did my best cadence yet. i am staying in the 2nd sprocket in the front and working the back gears to get my cadence, rhythm, and breathing in sync. i will be working on that for the next few weeks on paved roads. riding the dirt trails is a whole different thing, which is really good cuz i get to change up the scenery every so often. 8)

well, that about it. gotta get ready to go on the trails now.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/352/beltline/tripp
TEMP: 90*F
WIND: from the S/SE TRIP: 28.80 miles
START TIME: 2000hrs
FINISH TIME: 2115hrs
GOAL: meet the challenge
OF NOTE: challenge: railroad bridge and adding distance.

started the ride off leisurely but quickly put my rhythm up along with the speed. kept the gearing mostly in the middle sprocket to keep the rhythm quick and smooth. while riding the warm-up in my neighborhood, i was thinking of nothing and was really debating on which way to go. as i came to the stop sign exiting the neighborhood, i decided it was time to meet the challenge of getting up and over the very steep bridge over the railroad tracks. i made the first hill and did my best to get as much speed as i could. however, it wasn't enough to get very far up the steep incline. i persevered by continuing up by gearing down to 2 x 1. it was a definite challenge but i am glad i finally tackled it. after making the crest and heading down, i had to stop at the light b4 turning onto main and headed for beltline. i took kimbrough as i didn't want to tackle downtown beltline. entering beltline i rode the entire distance to tripp rd. without incident. tripp rd was smooth and uneventful. vehicles were polite and went around as they were able. the only incident that bothered me just a little was on 352 heading to wheatfield. a gray car came so close to me i was surprised they didn't hit me. other than that, my ride was great. i have got to stop arguing with myself before every ride. i am so exhilerated afterwards. there is nothing like a good ride to clear ur head and refocus ur mind.
now i have to keep up the work in making my challenges and accomplishing them. tho it may be slow, i am moving forward.

UPDATE ON TRAIL INJURIES: my thumb bruise is healing nicely. my hubby noticed a big bruise on my back right shoulder just behind my armpit and said it is very noticeable. i have not yet seen it. there is a bruise on my left inner lower thigh close to the knee. the scraps on my right calf r healing nicely. the cut on my right index finger is also healing nicely. my right shoulder does have a bit of pain but nothing to be concerned about. other than that, all is well. making plans to do trails again soon.


ROUTE: neighborhood/longcreek
TEMP: 90*F
WIND: from the S/SE TRIP: 10.36 miles
START TIME: 1915hrs
FINISH TIME: 2005hrs
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: just had to get out. no real agenda. enjoyed the ride and can't wait to get out again.
the wind was very strong and i decided to just have a good ride. had my water pack on so i could get used to it some more. it isn't too bad with the pack. i am glad to have it as it helps keep me hydrated. next road rally will be much more bearable. 8)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

trails - 18.08.2013

today just after lunch, hubby and i ventured to some dirt trails nearby. i haven't been on dirt trails in many years. so i was itching to get back. the trails were really nice and maintained. challenges were plenty and spread throughout the ride.

the first section started off like i remembered trails to be, easy and enjoyable. but small challenges were thrown in, which i did have some difficulty with. hubby, however, went for it. believe it or not, i didn't trust my bike, nor did i turn the wheel a few times to make it turn. i leaned it with a slight turning motion. NOT supposed to do that. real easy to meet a tree that way. it took a while for me to at least relax on the bike and let it do the work.
on trail 2, there were a few places that the trees were really close together, barely enough space for the bike. and one or two were coming off turns. i got thru them ok but when it came to riding over the tree roots sticking up, i would slow down and have difficulty getting over them. but since this was my first time in years on dirt trails, i did ok. on another trail section, i was goin' along really well until a tight turn over tree roots with cliff ledge/path made me slam on the brakes. i ended up very close to a tree with me sideways on the trail. didn't come off it, tho i stood there for quite awhile. 2 bikers passed by me before i restarted on the trail.
having never really ridden those kinds of trails before, i started getting apprehensive. but i quickly put that behind and asked God to help me focus and enjoy the ride. u know what? He did. i calmed down and focused on the trail ahead of me. there were quite a few "scary" sections. but the challenge to ride them really motivated me.
another part of the trail made me stop and look at the challenge. the path was easy for some distance then a right curve downhill with stone bridge and steep incline on other side. the challenge was to make the right curve goin' downhill with speed to climb the tree-rooted steep incline which then curved to the left. it took me several minutes to gather myself and then just go for it. asking God to help me, i pushed off and pedalled down the curved hill and up the other side with speed. i was ecstatic! hubby waited for me to make the challenge.
another challenge came up in the form of an 'S' with trees on both sides and a limb making a "low bridge". i was goin' at a good clip, saw the curve coming up and hit the brakes to slow a bit. i made the first curve but did not make the second. my right handle bar hit the tree on the right and sent me into another tree on the left, which i hit with my right hand palm and thumb area. my right leg was scraped by the front sprocket, which drew blood, my left knee hit the overgrown ground. my left arm was scraped up by the same tree as my right hand. had i not put up my right hand to take the hit on the tree to my left, my head would have taken the impact. and i don't need another head injury. after standing up, i checked myself to make sure nothing was broken. all good. since hubby was a distance ahead of me, i finally called out, "i'm down!" he quickly returned and helped me with my bike and i cleaned up a bit. i then remounted my bike and continued on the ride.
nothing more happened but i was apprehensive again. in fact, when i came up on two trees close together, i actually stopped, put my hand on the tree to the right and "walked" my bike between them. but i asked God once again, "please help me" and each time i asked, he answered by giving me a calm feeling and peace. so thankful to Him for helping me accomplish this challenge. the scars will heal but until they do, i have proof i can make it.

we will again ride those trails. and once again, i'll come up on those that caused me to hesitate. i will take the challenge and finish it. taking the trail slow and deliberate will help me make the challenges go smoothly. can't wait 'til we r able to go out again. 8)

Friday, August 16, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/BFF
TEMP: 77*F
WIND: from the N/NE TRIP: 19.44 miles
START TIME: 1950hrs
FINISH TIME: 2110hrs
GOAL: rhythm, cadence, hydration
OF NOTE: 2nd ride! just couldn't wait to get out in that nice weather, again. the wind! it was very strong coming from the N/NE.

there r a lot of reasons i wanted to make a second ride in the evening. the main reason: i just wanted to get out on the bike. the weather was so perfect. i just couldn't let it go by without another ride.
this time, however, i made a few visit stops. first stop was to my BFF. she was glad to see me and we chatted about 15 mins. then after that, i stopped at my oldest daughter's to say, 'HI'. but daughter and granddaughter hadn't returned home so i chatted with my son-in-law and grandson. right now, grandson's favorite word is 'no'. so everytime i asked him something, he responded with 'no'. it was so cute. was there about 10 mins or so. just after i got on my bike again, my daughter honked me down and we chatted for about 10 mins. on my way again. after that i continued my ride.

it was a great ride. as in previous posts, i felt exhilerated and wanted to go again but, the sky had turned dark and it was better that i headed home. afterall, it was my second ride of the day. u know, this could become habit forming which is a good thing. 8)

Thursday, August 15, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/BFF
TEMP: 77*F
WIND: from the N/NE TRIP: 20.04 miles
START TIME: 0905hrs
FINISH TIME: 1042hrs
GOAL: rhythm, cadence, hydration
OF NOTE: the wind! it was very strong coming from the N/NE. however, the challenge was met head on. and i won!
with the weather so beautiful and me just not wanting to really pass up the opportunity to get a good ride in, i fought with myself on whether or not to ride. guess which one won the argument?
i am so glad the bike won out cuz once i got out there, it was so freeing. i really enjoyed the ride. from the start, the wind was definitely noticeable. however, i put my gears where i could keep good rhythm and cadence. i am working on a rhythm that i can maintain throughout the ride as well as when changing gears. it's definitely a work in progress. the change can be dramatic if the gears 'jump'. so i am working on the front gear changes so i don't have to 'kick it down' so hard or fast on the rear gears. there is a definite advantage to using that middle gear on my bike. i am finally riding smarter, not harder. taking the time to find what really works best for me will be the key to having an enjoyable and long ride.
i also do my best to take in my surroundings as i ride on my chosen route. i find when i look around, the ride takes on a much more relaxed feeling. yes, i am still concentrating on my rhythm and all that, it just helps make the workout much more interesting. i am not one to just look strait ahead and ignore what's around me. tho i look like i am not taking it all in, i really am. i have learned to use not only my eyes but my ears as well. i also am honing my other senses as i ride.
the one thing i am learning to do is listen for God's still small voice. i love hearing Him talk to me. His presence gives me the joy i have in riding and getting out. i am very thankful that i can do what i do.
sometimes, as i ride, God and i have conversation on what i am goin' thru or dealing with at that time. it seems i am much more receptive when i ride my bike. He really does help me to be calm, peaceful, and let's me know that resting in His arms is right where i need to be.
i find the ride helps me to be a better me. after the ride i am much more willing to deal with whatever comes up in the right way. my attitude is happier and brighter. guess i need to do a lot more riding the bike, eh?
one other thing: for the past few rides, my cadence has been in the 60's range. 8) that's a good thing. gotta keep up the good riding and get it to a steady 65 and or higher. burns more calories the higher and longer i can maintain it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


ROUTE: eastfork/neighborhood
TEMP: 82*F
WIND: from the S/SE TRIP: 14.25 miles
START TIME: 0812hrs
FINISH TIME: 0921hrs
GOAL: rhythm, cadence, hydration
OF NOTE: today was a struggle as i had not ridden in few days. humidity also played a role in the struggle.
when i started the ride, the temp was 82 with 62% humidity index. the wind wasn't really all that strong but that quickly changed as i began my ride. i headed up the incline on the service road and did fairly well. however, the climb up the east side of the service was a real struggle. i actually kicked it down to 2 X 5 and i believe ended up kicking it a couple gears lower. i made it up that steep incline and continued up the gradual incline. i was struggling. but the rhythm/cadence kept me goin'.
toward the end of the ride, the final incline on the service road coming back to 352, was also a struggle. this time, however, i did not kick it down to front 2. i just put it down to 3 X 3 and made the climb ok. accomplishing that climb, i knew i wasn't gonna make it any farther than home. so home i did go. however, one more gradual incline stood in my way. riding 352 with all i could muster, i made it to the road turn and headed for the hospital parking lot to start the cool down.
riding the parking lot as usual, i was able to calm my breathing and actually relax as i pedalled thru.
even as i rode the neighborhood, i found it a struggle. but i continued and finished as strong as i could. this ride may have been a struggle, but it was a struggle that i was glad to accomplish. 8)

sandi_SL4-39 10.08.2013

ROUTE: eastfork/neighborhood
TEMP: 95*F
WIND: from the south TRIP: 13.80 miles
START TIME: 2012hrs
FINISH TIME: 2116hrs
GOAL: rhythm, cadence, hydration
OF NOTE: wind was coming from the south. desire to change up my route to add a bit of a challenge at the beginning.

having ridden the same route for a few weeks, i decided to change it up. i was feeling good so after turning onto the service road, i decided to take the east fork route. either way i went, i had to make the climb up the hill on the service road as the road i normally use to reenter the neighborhood was barracaded. with determination, speed, and using the correct gears, i made it up the incline without much trouble. however, goin' up the other side of the hwy on the service road was a bit more difficult. had to put the gears down to 3 x 2. but i made it up the incline. i was thinking to myself, 'what were u thinking?' i answered myself, 'i need to work these challanges. if i don't work on them, i won't be able to pace myself correctly.' so onward i pedaled.
as i rode the chosen route, i enjoyed the ride. i am pleased with my hydrating and endurance. but i would like to push it just a bit more. there is so much u can see as u ride ur bike. however, it can be lonely unless riding with another. but the satisfaction of getting out and doin' something like that is exhilerating. there r times when i slow my cadence down, which doesn't help my average, and just coast as i take in the view.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/Beltline route
TEMP: 90*F
WIND: from the south TRIP: 13.28miles
START TIME: 2000hrs
FINISH TIME: 2100hrs
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: the wind was coming from the south but at times it seemed to come from the east as well. OMG! my cadence average is 67! that's 3 more than yesterday! 8)and i thought i wouldn't match it.
my legs ached to get out on the bike. so even b4 my planned time to leave, i was already on the bike. my ride was really not all that eventful. ride thru the neighborhood saw many people out walking and/or playing outside. the smells of grilling dinners were very much evident in the air. 8) smells were tantilizing. and i saw my hubby as he was finishing up his ride in the hospital parking lot.
one thing of note i did catch myself doing is NOT turning the wheel when in a turn. leaning the bike with the wheel slightly turned doesn't always cut it. missed the vehicle by about one foot.
after getting on Kearney's gradual upgrade, i was surprised that i was able to keep the RPMs up above 10. wasn't really goin' all that fast but i wasn't fighting myself either. i am paying attention to the way my legs feel when i can no longer keep a steady pace. when my legs begin to feel 'heavy', i kick it down one gear. i am then able to keep my cadence goin' and thus not tire out so quickly. making that gradual incline on a regular basis with no difficulty will be one big accomplishment. then i have another challenge all ready to go. 8)
riding Beltline was a breeze. had no trouble keeping my rhythm up. all the lights were green so i didn't have to stop and then start. 8) that was really nice.
Hwy 80 service road is a still a bit of a struggle for me. since it's at the end of my ride, i tend to really slow my rhythm down. but this time, i kept the rhythm up and MPH did not drop below 10. 8) this is a real accomplishment. i look forward to when i can keep my MPH 15 on a regular basis.
with each small step, improvement, accomplishment, i am getting closer to my goal of being able to ride longer distances. i am training to ride the right way so i can get the most out of my biking experience. 8)

Monday, July 29, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/Beltline route
TEMP: 90*F
WIND: from the east TRIP: 12.99miles
START TIME: 2008hrs
FINISH TIME: 2109hrs
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: the wind was definitely a factor when riding eastward. not much of a problem otherwise.
after warming up in the neighborhood, i decided to ride Beltline. i was hoping that the eastward wind would not change directions.
and it didn't>i actually made Kearney without feeling like i was done with the ride. i actually felt rejuvenated.
i used the bike gears to go up the steady incline and it was great. the challenge didn't seem so impossible. it really did make me feel good.
riding on Beltline, went smooth tho i did have to remind myself to keep up the cranking. i am very surprised that my cadence average went up so dramatically. now i have to keep it there. with changing the way i use the gears to start, climb, and cruise, i should be able to.
on the rehydrating side of my riding, i am doin' well. every 15 mins or so i take a few squirts from the water bottle. i am liking the results very much. seems to really help when i end the ride. i don't feel so 'out of it'.
looks like the bridge over them railroad tracks isn't too far away now.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 92*F
WIND: coming from the South TRIP: 16.14 miles
START TIME: 20:12hrs
FINISH TIME: 20:58 hrs
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: the wind was really strong on Tuesday out of the south. i had no problem with it! 8)
i made sure that my computer connections were correctly aligned b4 i started on my ride.
this ride was a short one and i really enjoyed it.
was making sure that all the tweeks hubby made on my bike. there was clicking when i cranked and i thought it was in the front derailer but it was actually in the rear. will try it out soon. right now, the weather is threatening thunderstorms. so we'll see.


ROUTE: neighborhood/beltline
TEMP: 92*F
WIND: none to speak of TRIP: unknown miles
START TIME: 1930hrs
FINISH TIME: 20:55 hrs
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: my bike computer did not log any info as it had moved and i didn't notice it until after i stopped to talk to friends near the end of my ride.
however, my ride went well. i am getting accustomed to taking 3 drinks from my water bottle every 15-20 mins. the difference in the way i am able to continue is quite noticeable. i am not "out of energy" during my ride nor am i exhausted after the ride.
with the changes i am making, the biking experience is really becoming enjoyable and relaxing. i still push myself to keep my rhythm and cadence up and it is happening, but slowly. i find that my legs would rather "coast" than keep pedalling. 8) so i have to keep telling my legs to keep goin'. i'm getting there. should be ready for next rally tho.
next time i will remember to check not only my tires but my computer connections as well to make sure all of them r lined up correctly before i start on my ride. 8)
another thing i'm finding is that my legs want to ride. i know that sounds strange, but it's true. my legs know when i normally ride. it's like, a magnet. my legs want to get out there, whether the weather is ideal or a challenge. 8)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/BFF route
TEMP: 92*F
WIND: coming from the South with a few rain drops TRIP: 16.14 miles
START TIME: 15:30hrs
FINISH TIME: 17:30 hrs
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: it has been a week since i rode. my legs were just begging me to go for a ride. the wind was nonexistent until i started up kearney. the wind was coming from the south so it was hitting my left side. there were a few rain drops but i pushed on.
it felt so good to be on the bike.
i stopped at my BFFs place for about 20 min. i then continued on my route.
decided to stop at my daughter's place and was there for about 20 min. i carried my bike up the stairs with no problem with my legs. 8) i also carried the bike down with no problem. 8) i normally have difficulty with my legs feeling like 'jelly'. but this time, they were just fine.
continuing on my route, i contemplated whether or not to go the extra route to east fork. but when i reached the service road from beltline, i was prety sure i would not continue that way. by the time i hit my turn for home, i had decided to head home. and home i did go. 8)
when arriving home, i noticed that i was not so winded or tired. i had a really good ride on my bike. 8)

Thursday, July 11, 2013


ROUTE: service rd/Tripp Rd/352/neighborhood
TEMP: 89*F
WIND: coming from the South TRIP: 11.49 miles
START TIME: 19:55hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:53:44
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: was gonna take Tripp to EastFork but my light wasn't working (so i thought) so i took 352 back to my neighboorhood.
there really was no wind to hinder any part of my ride.
still having trouble with the gear changing after coasting down a hill. gotta remember to change to lower gears so i can continue the climb with rhythm/cadence intact. the gear changing from 3 to 2 on front spocket is smooth now. don't have to go to 1 to get to 2. hubby fixed that for me.
the tires r really holding up on the uneven surface of the roads i ride. i am getting used to the speed i get from just a gentle pedaling. the next road rally will be lots nicer with these tires.
taking short drinks/sqirts every 15-20 mins is still a work in progress. i tend to forget to hydrate as i ride. so to correct that, i am watching the clock on my bike computer a little more closely. i do feel a difference when i keep to that drink/squirt schedule. i am also eating about an hour before i go out riding. if the ride is taken more than 2 hrs out from eating, i drink water mixed with GNC Sport and then some protein mix. just b4 i go, i will take a couple tblsps of honey. i find that works really good for me at this time.
the high temps here where i live, can really curtail ur outdoor activities. but i am learning to 'get out' anyway. i need it. it's good for me. and, i want to be able to enjoy my life and not just vegitate on the couch.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


ROUTE: service rd/Tripp Rd
TEMP: 79*F
WIND: coming from the East TRIP: 11.66 miles
START TIME: 20:42hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:55:43
GOAL: fun/cadence
OF NOTE: this ride was for correcting the way i ride.
with the new tires and the information my hubby is sharing with me, i am having to change the way i ride. starting off in a lower gear and not exerting so much energy makes a world of difference. i was able to go farther as i rode up the hills. i could feel a difference in the way my power drove the bike onward. i also watched the time and took 3 good squirts instead of 'guzzling'. what a difference in the way i felt as i rode. will work on that a lot more.
was alone on the ride as hubby rode in the morning.
the hills r still a challenge, but little by little i am conquering them.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

sandi_SL4-31: new tire break in.

ROUTE: White Rock/Downtown
TEMP: 100*F
TRIP: 24.26 miles
START TIME: 13:45hrs
TOTAL TIME: 2:08:39
GOAL: get used new tires
OF NOTE: this ride was done in the heat of the day.
today was a real challenge as we rode in the heat of the day and my new tires only helped me keep up with my hubby. tho i did go slower at times, he would double back and make sure i was ok.
the ride started out well. i actually was able to keep my tires rolling without having to struggle. these tires measure 26 x 1.75 and they roll so very nice. the resistance was almost nonexistent. i am looking forward to getting ready for the next rally with these tires. i will work on getting my cadence up and keeping my rhythm as i increase my cadence. i will also start in the lower gear. i had been starting out in 3 x 7 or 3 x 6. after listening to my hubby, i will change the way i start out on the bike. with that change, i should save more energy to go farther and not burn out like i did.
we went all the way to Downtown Dallas. the ride was absolutely beautiful. i was beginning to wear out but the GNC Sport drink really helped me keep going. however, the drink emptied well before we headed back to the car. while in Deep Ellum, we stopped at 7=11 where they gave my hubby ice for out sport bottles. continuing on to the Kennedy Memorial. we went around the memorial and headed back. i was really beginning to go down hill by the time we reached the second light on the way back. i fell behind my hubby as he was able to make 5-6 lights ahead of me. after catching up as he waited for me, we continued together on Main, back thru Deep Ellum and back to the trails. by the time, i was on the trails, i was really out of steam. i was truly goin' on determination to finish.
i yelled to hubby, 'Shade now!' and with that, we found the first shadey area after crossing the street. i actually stopped, put my bike down, and laid down. hubby graciously handed my water bottle to me and i laid there. it was at least 5 mins before i took a drink. we were there for at least 10. didn't time it. i remounted my bike and continued. stopped one more time before getting back to White Rock Lake. i had made it to the lake again. the climb on the bridge over the 2 streets. i was very slow. i had put the gears 2 x 5 and eventually dropped it to 2 x 3. it was shear determination i made it to the top.
all the way, i was thanking God for a wonderful husband who wants me to reach my goals. he encouraged me the entire way, especially on the ride back to the car. i felt i had let him down. but he assured i did not let him down.
i know i let him and God down when i got all worked up over a vehicle that come so close to me that if i had moved to my left in any way, i would have been hit by that vehicle. and i was in the bike lane. i should have let it go but i didn't. i pulled my bike directly behind it and continued to the ride. the vehicle pulled over checked the back end cuz they thought i had touched his stupid vehicle. i did not touch but i did not show Jesus at all to them. i am so tired when vehicles do that to biker riders. and to top it off, the vehicle blocked the crosswalk causing the people trying to cross to have to go into traffic. that vehicle driver was really rude and very stupid. i was stupid in that i did not keep my mouth shut.
i finished the ride on a high note cuz i finished the ride. hubby pulled the very cold extra water bottles and handed me mine. my hubby is the best. 1) he encouraged me the whole way. 2) he didn't get all bent out of shape when i did. 3) he helped the entire ride in every way he could.
i am blessed to have a hubby like him. i will work on my attitude and frustration levels when bad things happen.
i will be working on my cadence, rhythm and rpm's as i ride. i will take the advise hubby gave me as we rested and waited for me to get back on the bike. his advice should really help me accomplish my goals.
the extra i will do is swim, weights so i can loose the weight and gain the strength in my legs to make the goal of keeping up with my hubby.

Friday, July 5, 2013


ROUTE: midnite ride
TEMP: 80*F
TRIP: 10.48 miles
START TIME: 23:10hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:50:17
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: this ride was for fun.
decided to go on a midnite ride. it was great!
took the service road east to light/turn-a-round and went west to a side road north to Tripp. did a small zig zap and continued north on that road until TownEast where we turned around and headed back to Tripp. road east on Tripp to the small park. explored the little park, which was really quite nice. back on Tripp we turned we took the zig=zag and continued east on Tripp to EastFork where we headed south on that road to the highway. we turned west on the service road and headed for 352/Collins. after turning left and goin' under the bridge, we rode to TCLupton and turned into the hospital parking lot where we rode for a short time b4 heading home.
quite a nice ride. will definitely be taking that route again. only maybe this time, i'll start it from the beginning as i add it into my normal route.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


ROUTE: hospital parking lot/neighborhood
TEMP: 82*F
TRIP: 10.48 miles
START TIME: 20:00hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:50:17
GOAL: fun/cadence
OF NOTE: this ride was for fun but i also worked on getting my cadence up.
tonite hubby tried out his new pedal and clips he just got. he loves them! 8) i worked on my cadence. since he was riding his road bike, i had to really work to keep up with him. i have only my mountain bike with the dirt/road tires. it takes a lot more to move my tires on the road. the effort it takes to keep up with him causes me to work a bit harder and get the cadence up. my breathing rhythm was almost perfectly in sync. it took me a bit longer to match the cadence with the breathing but i eventually did get it. not sure how much i burned in the short time we were out there but i hope to do it again more often.
with this ride being a fun ride with hubby, i thoroughly enjoyed my time on the bike with him. he was all smiles and thoroughly happy on the bike. can't wait until we can do another rally together. maybe, just maybe, i'll be able to keep somewhat close to him. 8)

Sunday, June 30, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/bff
TEMP: 88*F
TRIP: 16.97 miles
START TIME: 11:00hrs
TOTAL TIME: 1:23:39
GOAL: breathing and rhythm, increasing cadence
OF NOTE: the wind came from the northwest at a constant 12 mph. the gusts were strong and frequent.
today was a ride with my hubby. he couldn't stand it any longer and decided to go for a ride. of course, i joined him. doc said he could start riding the bike again with no stress. he did a really good job at keeping it down. he told me, after getting home, that his cadence was way off and he was having trouble keeping the consistency. he will take it slow and not stress the left knee as he regains his rhythm and works his way back to his normal pace.
we went on my route with a stop at Elliots Hardware Store. the ride went flawless until i decided to cross the oncoming lanes to the middle of the road. my right shoe was clipped as i rode out. when i went to put my right foot down, i couldn't. i went down in the middle separating the east and west bound lanes. fell on the right side and pushed my bike off me hard and let it fall. hubby tried to catch it but it fell on it's left side. my upper body was slightly in the left lane of the west bound side. all i got was a small scrap on my right elbow and a slight road scrape on my right shin just below the knee. i looked at the bike, chain was off. had to walk the bike across to a grassy area where i fixed the chain and sat on the grass. i was so frustrated that my shoe wouldn't unclip.
STUPID! never should have done that. lesson learned. wait until all traffic is clear b4 proceeding. sitting on the grass after fixing the chain, i rested and got myself together. getting back on the bike, i continued on the ride. sometimes i just get too impatient. better work on my patience a bit more.
i also need to work on my ability to keep rhythm/cadence when the wind is blowing in my face. i tend to downshift and slow my rhythm. if i don't change that, i won't make climbing hills easier for me. nor will i be consistent. i will concentrate on that more as continue to get better.
ride overall was really good. i so enjoyed riding with my hubby and not behind him. i think there will be one, maybe two, more rides with him. then it will prolly go back to riding alone. he is so much faster than i am. he really likes the road. i like the dirt. maybe one day we'll go on a dirt trail and enjoy the scenery.
something that also happened: my chain was apparently more messed up than i thought when i went down. hubby had me pull into TSC so he could check cuz he didn't want me to continue or finish the ride with a bad chain. the shifting was not working correctly and he wanted to make sure it was safe. i was willing to wait until we got home. but he didn't want me to wait. he parked his bike and i let him look at mine. he realigned the changer and made sure as best he could that the gears shift worked smoother. it made it worse tho. but he immediately took care of it when we got home.
my hubby is the best. looking forward to the next ride.

Friday, June 28, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/bff
TEMP: 89*F
TRIP: 16.34 miles
START TIME: 09:10hrs
TOTAL TIME: 1:21:42
GOAL: breathing and rhythm
OF NOTE: the wind seemed to come out of the southeast this mornin'. not much wind but enough that i was aware of it. it was also really humid.
on the way home, i stopped and chatted with my daughter. caught her as she was about to get in her car. chatted for about 30 min. good rest stop.
feeling really good, i decided to add an extra mile or there about to my ride. instead of goin' back home via Kearney, i took Beltline to the service road.
quite surprised that the vehicles gave me no trouble. there was no honking or threats. it was truly a pleasant experience riding down that road. think i have extended my route just a bit for now.
will begin to work on getting my cadence/rhythm a bit higher now that i am able to ride further. shouldn't be too long now b4 i am attempting more challenging roads.
with the adjustments to my bike this week, i am able to apply more power so i can bring my rhythm/cadence up. today my left knee hurt in the beginning of the ride but after a while it became a dull ache. then i experienced some thing i can explain as 'throbbing' tho it wasn't hurting. it felt weird but after a while it too stopped. yes, my knee still hurts but not like it has in the past. i was actually able to apply power with my left leg and not just my right leg. maybe, just maybe, the adjustments done by my hubby fixed my power application problem. i really had no problem pedalling up the inclines. keeping a steady rhythm was much easier. increasing the rhythm was no problem. 8)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 86*F
TRIP: 10.61 miles
TIME: 08:40hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:58:01
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong from the south today. just out to test the adjustments made to the bike last nite.
with the wind as strong as it was, i chose to ride the neighborhood twice. didn't quite make the distance i normally do, but a good ride nonetheless.
the humidity was very noticeable. and the wind, the wind was definitely challenging with its very strong gusts. the winds came out of the south between 12-15 mph or stronger with those very strong gusts.
the adjustments have made my ride a bit smoother. however, my left knee still has pain as i ride. even now sitting as it is at a right angle, it hurts in the front part. so i don't think, the seat, pedal, or any other adjustment will help much at this point. but the ride is definitely better. i don't feel like i'm pushing with my toes. i was able to crank with more power and strength.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/bff
TEMP: 83*F
TRIP: 14.41 miles
TIME: 09:10hrs
TOTAL TIME: 1:11:14
GOAL: rhythm/breathing in sync
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong from the south today. it made think about giving up but i refocused and pushed on. 8)
the challenge i have put on myself is to Kearney after Galloway light in 3 by 6 or 7 the entire incline. the incline is not steep but is a long continuous one for about a half mile. after the light, there is a good downgrade to get speed but then the challenge is to keep that speed. today i kept that speed with little effort tho the wind was strong against me from the side and front. with a good rhythm going, i made it all the way to Hillcrest.
i am slowly reaching a goal i have set for myself. should be able to give it a try in about a month. it's a challenge for me that i want to meet and triumph over. then those bike rallys won't be too difficult for me.

evening ride
ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 85*F
TRIP: 14.90 miles
TIME: 18:55hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:37:34
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: decided to go out for a slow paced fun ride. the wind was still strong out of the south. made me think, 'now why did i go out again?' but that thought quickly passed and i enjoyed the rest of the ride. it was just a quick ride.
alright! the bike was calling to me and i just had to answer it. 8) there! that's my story and i'm sticking to it. 8)


ROUTE: neighborhood/bff
TEMP: 83*F
TRIP: 14.90 miles
TIME: 09:00hrs
TOTAL TIME: 1:30:31
GOAL: rhythm/breathing in sync
OF NOTE: the wind was coming out of the east, which was a bit surprising since the storms were to the west of me.
other than that the ride was uneventful.
i have set new goals, which i hope to reach within a reasonable amount of time.
can't wait til hubby can once again join me on the bike. his recovery is coming along nicely from the knee surgery

Thursday, June 13, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/bff
TEMP: 78*F
TRIP: 14.90 miles
TIME: 09:00hrs
TOTAL TIME: 1:17:44
GOAL: rhythm/breathing in sync
OF NOTE: the wind!
the wind came from the south and west making for a very challenging ride for me. it seemed to come against me the majority of the ride. relief came only when i was heading northeast, which wasn't often.
i believe i have figured out y i don't have much push from left leg. i noticed that the pressure was all on my toes. so i will have that adjusted hopefully b4 my next ride. my right foot is still wanting to stay on the 'toe down' but i'm retraining it to go 'heel down'. however, i still have to work on the way i keep my arms. need to move them more so they don't cause my hands/figures to go numb.
i also noticed that getting up the incline, even with the strong wind, was a bit easier.
i am really wanting to get my rhythm/breathing in sync so i can ride for long distances. i may not be fast or quick but i will finish what i start. as my rhythm increases, so will my endurance.


ROUTE: Collin Couny Bike Rally
TEMP: 72*F
TRIP: 38.03 miles
TIME: 0830hrs
TOTAL TIME: 03:15:15
GOAL: to "finish the ride"
OF NOTE: a large group for the 36 mile ride. many, many hills with steep upgrades. the downhills were absolute relief from the climb b4.
8 June 2013: the day started at 0400 hrs. not exactly my ideal time for waking up. but we needed to be there by 0630 hrs. we were there well b4 that time. it was 0545 hrs when we parked the car in the grassy area. we were the first to arrive aside from the event volunteers. we were the first to get our bike numbers and t-shirts.
about 15 minutes later, others arrived and that began a steady flow of people and bikes.
finding our starting point for the 36 mile ride, we waited, and waited, and waited. finally, 0800 hrs came and the longest route bikers were allowed to leave. we finally left the start around 0830 hrs. the crowd of bikers was large but everyone was courteous as we all headed in one direction. after turning onto the road, we could spread out a bit and get goin'. i did my best to stay with my hubby but it was not to be. he settled into his rhythm and i into mine. about the 3rd turn, the group i was with started hearing about a wreck and cracks on bridge. there was a wreck of several bikes and a couple of people were being tended to. their ride was over. cracks on the bridge weren't that bad for my bike as i was riding a mountain bike. my tires were much wider and thicker than most of the bikes out there that day. hubby was way ahead of me and i didn't really mind cuz i knew he couldn't keep to my slower pace. he told me later that he was riding with the first group to start. however, we did meet at the first rest stop and stayed together for about 1.5 miles. we were stopped by the police directing traffic. quite a large group of bikers were gathered and waiting to continue the ride. hubby turned around and i lost him as we were waved to proceed. he finally caught up with me and stayed with me for about 1.5 miles again b4 he took off on his pace. this time he circled back to me and rode with me to the next rest stop. having refueled our bodies and water bottles, we continued on. it wasn't long b4 he "left me in the dust". i reminded him to take it easy over the walkie talkie and he was gone. i was now on my own for the remainder of the ride. i didn't really want to be but i wasn't gonna hold him back. we have very different riding techniques. as i rode with my thoughts, i hoped he wasn't pushing it on his left knee as his surgery was on Tuesday. i thought about how proud my dad would be to see me riding in a bike rally and actually making it. wondered what life would be like if my sister was still here. so many different thoughts. but i always came back to me. encouraging myself to keep goin' and don't give up. i thanked Daddy for helping me with each stroke of the pedal. the final rest stop was 18 miles from the last one. after i stopped and took a short break along with some food, drink and ice, i got back on my bike and finished the ride.
the roads were back country roads with lots of steep inclines and really nice downgrades. i struggled on most of the uphill climbs but i didn't give up nor did i stop in the middle of them except for one with a curve. i stopped just b4 the curve and thought, "i can't do it anymore." but then, my determination and Daddy spoke to me with that still small voice and encouraged me to continue. i reclipped and made the last rest stop where i was even more determined to "finish the ride".
i did take in the scenery and enjoyed seeing the horses, which i would rather be riding. despite the hills, i really enjoyed the route. however, i do need to ride more uphills so i can make it up without goin' all the way down to F2 R1,2 on the gears. a challenge i will meet and accomplish by the end of July. that's the goal.

as i rode the 36 miles, i thought about a lot of things. but mostly i thought about me and getting to the finish line.
when i arrived at the start/finish, my name was announced over the loud speaker. hubby had asked to announce my name with encouraging words. i didn't really acknowledge it cuz i still hadn't crossed the finish line. in fact, i wondered how he knew my name and then i thought it was for someone else. but hubby was there with a smile on his face beaming and telling me how proud he was that i "finished the ride".
after crossing the finish line, i rode my bike up onto the sidewalk, told hubby to grab the bike as i could not put my feet on the ground. once the bike was securely held by hubby, i gently put my feet on the ground and straddled the bike. hubby handed me a bottle of CRAZY water and i slowly drank it. a few minutes l8r, i dismounted and hubby took the bike and put it away for the trip home.

b4 leaving the event, we walked around to see if we could find a bite to eat. we didn't want burgers or "fast food". i wanted a good salad and he really wanted barbecue/brisket. so off we went to find an Olive Garden.
when we arrived at the Mesquite Olive Garden, they had just lost power. so i decided to go to SpringCreek Barbecue cuz i didn't want to wait. i needed to eat. hubby really wanted to eat there anyway. and they even had a nice sized salad that i ordered and devoured. after that, we went home.


Friday, June 7, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 82*F
TRIP: 7.60 miles
TIME: 0905hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:18:63
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: the wind was nonexistent and the ride was pleasant.

ROUTE: Twila's route
TEMP: 73*F
TRIP: 13.87 miles
TIME: 0905hrs
TOTAL TIME: 1:10:50
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: very strong north wind that was noticeable. goin' east/west was also a challenge. south, however, was 'a breeze'.
have lengthened my leisure route as u can tell by the TRIP. it's time to begin the stretching of my riding. might even lengthen it more b4 the month is over. we'll see.
i am much more confident on my bike and am conquering my fear of busy roads. as i ride them more, the fear is faced headon and i'm winning! i find when i ride the busier streets, my confidence in myself goes up.
my right foot still tends to be 'toe down' but i am catching it more often. it takes time to retrain and brake old habits. but little by little, i am doin' it. there is so much riding a bike can do for a person.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood route
TEMP: 82*F
TRIP: 7.84 miles
TIME: 0855hrs
TOTAL TIME:0:42:05
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: no wind to speak of. very uneventful ride. still working on keeping my right foot 'heel down'.
breathing and pedaling rhythm r syncing nicely. today, it took only a short time to get my breathing in sync with my pedaling. as the whole thing is becoming second nature to me, i am getting more focused on the ride and really enjoying it.
my 'trusing the bike' is also coming along. am still practing those tighter turns but am coming along nicely.
will soon add more miles to my morning ride. that will be really good for me.

Monday, June 3, 2013

3 rides combined

ROUTE: neighborhood route
DATE: 31.05.2013 TEMP: 82*F humid
TRIP: 7.50 miles
TIME: 0950hrs
TOTAL TIME:0:42:44
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: there was no sun whatsoever. the winds were strong but i found that i was not bothered by them unless i had to stop or slow down and then get back to speed again.
ride was good. no vehicles that 'didn't see me' were encountered.

ROUTE: neighborhood route
DATE: 02.06.2013
TEMP: 81*F
TRIP: 7.68 miles
TIME: 2000hrs
TOTAL TIME:0:41:42
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: the weather was absolutely perfect.
just a great ride. my breathing and rhythm were in sync the entire ride.
however, i noticed that feet were always in the 'toe down' position. have to work on that. my feet need to be more in the 'heel down' position.

ROUTE: neighborhood route
TEMP: 73*F
TRIP: 7.84 miles
TIME: 0905hrs
TOTAL TIME:0:43:15
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: the weather was absolutely perfect. the wind was really not a factor in today's mornin' ride. there was chill in the air but did not bother as i rode. in fact, it felt quite good.
got a bit of a late start this mornin' but i was glad to get out on the bike and ride. nothing really out of the ordinary during the ride.
once again i noticed that my right foot, especially was 'toe down'.
the previous evening, i thought about how a horse is controlled not only by te bit but also the leg and seat. for a bike, it's the leg that controls how fast the bike goes. and the hands control where it goes. in noticing how my foot prefers to stay in the 'toe down position, i also have to 'trust the bike' in turning. as i work on the 'heel down', i am also working on 'trusting my bike' in a turning maneuver.
in order for a horse to be smooth in motion, it has to 'bend' it's body around the rider's leg. in dressage, this is very important for smoothness in doing any of the tight pirouettes. as i turn the bike and lean into the turn, i have to tell myself to 'trust the bike' and make that tight turn. the tires on the bike were made to grip the road surface of either tar, cement or dirt. my tires r properly inflated so they can do their job. i have to 'trust the bike'. in order for me to make those tight turns, i have relax my arms, which i tend to keep a bit stiff. BAD! relaxation is important so i can make those tight turns and 'trust the bike'.
maybe, when i fnally master this 'relaxation' technique, i just might 'trust the bike'. 8)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood route
TEMP: 80*F
TRIP: 7.19 miles
TIME: 1015hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:40:35
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: there was no sun whatsoever. the wind was constant and strong. however, i did not have much of a problem with it. only when i had to get back to pace after slowing or stopping did i even notice it. 8)
when i saw the clouds and wind blowing thru the trees, i had decided to NOT ride. however, my hubby's gentle nudging along with Holy Spirit, got me on my bike. i'm glad i did. it was quite refreshing. humid, but refreshing.
just after getting started, i thought my back tire had gone flat. saw my hubby and asked. he said, 'looks good.' so i continued on my way.
the ride continued uneventful until i was almost finished and coming up CopperMeadow. as i was approaching the intersection of CopperMeadow and Planters, a truck with trailer was backing up and had pulled forward and went on. a Dodge Ram, tan in color, followed him without even stopping at the stop sign. almost hit his left rear quarter panel. said something i shouldn't have and continued on. finished the route and did my cool down.
motorized vehicles need to watch and look for those on bicycles. if they don't, an accident can happen and the cyclist will usually be on the loosing end.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood combined with kearney route to twila's
TEMP: 82*F
TRIP: 14.16 miles
TIME: 1710hrs
TOTAL TIME:1:16:14
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: ride was accomplished during rush hour. however, traffic was not that heavy. the wind really wasn't a factor. 8) that must mean i am pacing myself correctly. we'll see when the wind is more of an issue.
with the weather the way is has been the past few days and having the grandkids, it was really difficult to get on the bike. but today, was so perfect! if i had a kiddie trailer for the bike, i would have been out in the mornin'. the wind was nonexistent and it was perfect temp-wise. i was so itching to go. but i waited 'til they were gone and got myself ready right after they left.
i was all ready to go when i did my preride check. chain-ok; alignment-ok; tires-low. what a bummer! i had to wait until my hubby returned to help me air them up cuz i wasn't sure how to work the air compressor. so from 1530 hrs to 1630 hrs, i waited as patiently as i could.
chatted with good friends on FLYFF while i waited. when i heard the car entering the garage, i went to greet my hubby.
after putting his stuff away, he graciously showed me how to work the compressor and connector. once that was done, i was on my way!
it was really good to get out there on the bike. after riding my warm-up route in the neighborhood, i noticed that my rhythm and breathing were in sync. i decided to make the Kearney ride to my bff.
the ride was uneventful. i kept to the right lane the entire way there. cars were courteous, keeping the proper distance. only one vehilcle was quite rude. a van kept honking at me. as soon as i put my arm out to signal i was turning left, it passed me as i was about to make my turn.
bicycles have the right to take up the entire lane and do not have to move over to let motor vehicles pass. read the rules of the road. and when a bicyclist signals with their arm they r wanting to turn, it doesn't mean that vehicle can pass them.
so remember people, bicyclists follow the same rules as motorized vehicles.
wish i could go for another ride but i will wait. don't want to push myself to the brink and not enjoy the ride. tomorrow is another day. let's hope the weather will be as accommodating as it was today. :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013


this ride was accomplished on May 13, 2013. just handed logged it until today.
ROUTE: neighborhood combined with kearney route to grandskids
TEMP: 75-79*F
TIME: 1145hrs
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: neighborhood ride started at 1145 hrs. stopped at house to double check tire pressure b4 completing the route and continuing on to my grandkids place. restarted ride at 1233hrs and arrived at grandkids place at 1255hrs.
the ride started out with a brisk wind coming from the south. was able to make the neighborhood ride in a relaxing manner. my breathing and rhythm r beginning to sync up quicker with each ride. i am doin better each ride. my stamina is building nicely.
after watching my grandkids for a few hrs, i headed back home at 1800hrs. took me about 25 min to reach home.
took Kearney instead of Grubb. the gradual climb was much easier to ride. i also took Kearney home.
am getting more confident on the busy streets. i am still very attentive. it's good exercise for my brain. helps keep me thinking and alert.

i am slowing getting where i want to be. hopefully, the weather will be nice enough Friday mornin' to get in a neighborhood ride. these past few days have been wet and windy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

sandi_SL4-13 - FUN!!

below is a ride i made cuz the bike was "calling my name". ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 75-77*F
GOAL: n/a
i had resisted goin' for a ride after returning from a day with my hubby. however, i could no longer resist the beautiful weather or the urge. no wind, mild temps, and it was all so nice. the sun was no longer burning the sky and the sky looked beautiful in the twilight.
hubby had just left with the dog for a walk. i hurried to dress in my bike gear. forgot my gloves but that was ok. filled my water bottle and off i went.
can't wait until i can make the longer rides. it's takin' a bit longer than i thought it would to get back in the groove, but i'm not giving up. 8)
i finished just as the sky was turning completely black for the night.
a good 30 min ride. 8)

sandi_SL4-12 - mornin' leisure ride

below is my mornin' ride for Saturday, May 11, 2013. ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 71-73*F
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: mornin' ride/previous days were too windy and wet on Thursday and Friday.
COMMENTS: strong north wind right off the start making it a challenge to get into rhythm goin' up the curved hill. but i stuck with it and made all the way to the service road. 8) the ride was really nice. i find it quite relaxing really. the challenge to keep up a strong steady rhythm can be a challenge when i really just prefer to (let it ride). the slower pace really helps me get goin' in the mornin'.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

mornin' ride (0900hrs)

below is my mornin' ride for tuesday. ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 74-77*F
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: mornin' ride
COMMENTS: third ride
started out 30 minutes late, around 0900 hrs.quite a difference with the wind. since i like it when the wind is at it's most minimal, i struggled a bit at first. but with determination i got it goin' up that hill on Planters and steadied out my rhythm. however, when i turned around, i was met with a light but steady south wind. so i guess, starting out with a bit of wind wasn't so bad. 8) almost had a wreck when a car pulled out of a parking spot not seeing me. had to swerve really close to the curb goin over a large drain in the pavement. said a few works as i continued on thru the parking lot. and i was wearing my bright orange wind breaker! wish i wouldn't have said anything. guess, i still have to work on my mouth. will do that.
the ride overall was nice and exhilerating.

Monday, May 6, 2013

mornin' ride (0830hrs)

only hope i can make a difference for me. these rides in the mornin', so far, have been exhilerating.
today, i feel really good. and i just remembered that i didn't take my thyroid stuff b4 the ride. i just took it. guess, i wanted to ride really bad, eh? well, below is my ride: ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 64*F
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: mornin' ride
COMMENTS: second day of mornin' ride.
goin' out after the mornin' rush was just perfect. started my ride about 0830hrs. traffice was almost nonexistent. just a few vehicles. think i will make this time my permanent one.
the winds were really light. i did wear my windbreaker and arm covers as the temp was in the low to mid 60s. the wind wasn't much of a factor, which is y i am riding in the early mornin'.
overall, i enjoyed the ride.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

early mornin' (0700 hrs) ride

with the weather finally getting warmer and the sun being seen earlier, i am making an effort to get out of bed and active. there is so much to live for. and it's time i started living. so i am making the effort to help myself get and stay active. today was the start.
i just have to figure out how to do it monday thru friday. traffic is extremely heavy on the road i live on in the early mornin with kids and adults heading to their destination. so i am thinking that i have to adjust the time go out for my very short leisurely ride. since traffic settles down in the neighborhood around 0800 hrs, i could start my very short ride @ 0830 hrs. then head out again on a longer ride around noon and end at my daughter's house to watch the kids. will have to make sure of that plan bur i think it's a start. i can then take another ride after leaving there around 1900 hrs. o man! that just might be a good idea. would have to write things down to separate the rides but it just might work.
when the car is ready for a trip, we can take the bikes and go. i'll be ready for the longer rides. below is the info for my very short ride.
ROUTE: home neighborhood
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: chilly (50), no wind
COMMENTS: this was my first early mornin' ride. started 0705 hrs and returned just shy of 30 min later.
am trying to get into a routine that will help me get moving in the early mornin'. this mornin' was just that, a short 5 mile ride around the neighborhood i live in. quite a nice ride really on an early Saturday mornin'.
the only thing was that my fingers got quite cold as i do not have the full glove to wear in cool weather. other than that, my very short ride was pleasant and invigorating.

hope i can keep it up. i know it will do me good and help me in staying active.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

first ride in 3 wks

the past 3 weeks has been really hard as i have not been able to ride the bike.
first it was weather. then i got sick and was down for 4 days. when i could finally get on to "stretch my legs", the weather went wet. and then yesterday, April 27th, i came down with a stomach bug. what a wild past 2 weeks.
following is the first ride i have been able to get in.
TRIP TIME: 1:00:50
AVERAGE SPEED: 11.56 mph
GOAL: rebuilding stamina
OF NOTE: new route/first time in 2 weeks riding.
COMMENTS: after having been unable to ride the bike for over a week due to weather and being sick, i was finally able to get back on. and did it feel good. i was excited to finally be able to get out again.
the beginning of the ride started out really well. we went north on the route at first and explored.
one of the paths took us up to road lvl. hubby had stopped and was trying to decide which way to go when i came up. i unclipped the left foot and then the right but for some reason, my left foot reclipped and when i went to put the foot down, i fell on my left elbow, scrapping it up just a bit. good thing i was wearing pants or my left knee would have been rescrapped up. after laying on the ground for a minute or two, i remounted my bike and drank some water. we, my hubby and i, turned around and went back to our starting point and continued to explore the south part of the route.
i was doin' good tho i did stop due to getting a little light-headed. hubby was checkin his chain so it was a good stop. from there we had no mroe trouble. we made it to the end of the route at I-30.
we headed back after riding in the parking lot we headed back to the starting point.
the ride was really good. it felt good to feel the wind in my hair and the pain in my legs.
what a great ride!

Monday, April 8, 2013

leisurely ride

today i rode the bike in the neighborhood. did not keep the stats as it has been a week since i last rode.
i decided to stay in my neighborhood, work on breathing technique, and rhythm. and with the wind as strong as it was today, gusts of 20+, i'm glad i stayed in the neighborhood.
i was able to keep my rhythm but i found myself huffing at times and had to slow my breathing down as i kept up my rhythm. that is difficult goin' against the wind or climbing an incline. i only hope i can get it together b4 hubby and i go out on some off-road trails.
looking forward to that. today hubby was checking out some body armour for the knees, lower leg, and elbows. he also looked into gettng the "emergency" kits for trail riding. things like bug repellant, snake bite kit, and the like. can't wait to get the stuff and try out those dirt trails. hope we start out on more flat with a few challenges instead of the steeper trails. bike control is really key when riding on dirt/rocky trails. used to do it a lot in my younger days. but now that i'm 50, a bit heavier, i have to start over so to speak and get the feel for my bike and trust that it can handle the terrain. the tires r strong and sturdy so i should be able to count on them.
in order to have fun on the trail, u need to be as prepared as u can. safety is always first and foremost.
my ride took about 1 hour and was so exhillerating. when i finished, i felt so good. don't think i made 10 miles but that was not my goal. weather on Wednesday is supposed to be wet and Tuesday, will be very windy, cooler, and somewhat wet so it may be a couple days b4 i can ride again.

Monday, April 1, 2013


ROUTE: hubby's route
GOAL: completing the route, maintain breathing rhythm
OF NOTE: 2 very steep hills
COMMENTS: having been off the bike for a few days, i decided to go on ride with hubby. i told him that i wanted to follow him as best i could. i am still slower than he is so i didn't know if i could make the full route. but i was gonna try. after coming to the intersection we would normally separate at, i decided that i would give it a go. (i could always turn back.) however, i continued on.
his route has some really challenging hills. 2 r steep enough that it could cause a turn back. (i almost did.) but with the gears on my Cannondale SL-4, i was able to make it all the way up that first very steep hill. still on a incline even after the reaching the top, we continued on the route. the second steep hill came near the end of the route. i started out fast but could not keep up my RPMs. so my ascent was rather slow but not as slow as the first steep hll. my rhythm was much steadier. after making the top, a drink break and then onward. having to circle while waiting for a train to pass was welcoming. the rest of the ride was easy and uneventful.


ROUTE: school/grubb
GOAL: none
OF NOTE: very strong winds
COMMENTS: this is a combination of three days: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
no real plans other than getting to my daughter's house to watch the grandkids so she could get to work.
did not ride otherwise due to the very strong winds on all three days.


ROUTE: school/grubb
STOP DURATION: first stop 20 min, second stop 1.5 hrs
COMMENTS:this was a leisurely ride. no real agenda. my goal was to see how far it was to my friend's house via my daughter's place. from my house to Twila's house, is about 4 miles the way i traveled. quite quick really. the winds were light at about 10-15 mph but i still struggled against them. still have work to do in that area.
can't wait to ride up to my friend's house on Friday and see her. wonder what she's gonna say when she sees me and my bike.
cadence was low due to this being a true leisurely ride.


ROUTE: school/grubb & clay
STOPS: went into CVS Pharmacy
resumed down Kearney to school then to copper meadow/winding creek crossed over collins (352) to long creek. turned right on clay rd. went approximately 6 miles south. turned around and headed back.
once at the long creek and collins, i turned right and rode collins to wheatfield. went up wheatfield after turning around in the circle, i turned right onto garden trail to the circle and headed back north to hackamore where i turned right. rode to planters turned right and headed home.
when i first decided to ride, the wind was minmal. however, it was quite gusty when riding southward. gusty winds were a challenge even goin' east/west. but goin' north, how nice!


random 10 mile ride.
started out on grubb route. rode around parking lot at CVS. went down kearney and then back to neighborhood. rode back alley of hospital and street towards HWY80. turned around and got almost blown off my bike from a strong gust of wind. went up side road and back down planters and rode thru the neighborhood.


ROUTE: neighborhood, school/grubb
GOAL: to make 10 miles
COMMENTS: started off with hubby but separated when i lost him. then went to grubb rd route and completed 10 miles. with this being my 2nd ride, i am still building up my stamina, endurance, and getting a rhythm/cadence.
the winds were really gusting strongly and i just couldn't keep up with him. however, i continued on a different route and made my goal.


ROUTE: whiterock lake
GOAL: go the distance
OF NOTE: n/a
COMMENTS: rode from cottonwood trail north dallas near hubby's work down and around whiterock lake loop and back. had a scare when i shifted down to 1-3 thinking i lost the chain cuz i wasn't moving up the hill anymore. felt really loose like the chain had come off. but of course it didn't. remounting the bike, i clipped the right shoe in but had difficulty getting the left shoe clipped as i am still learning the technique. with a yield coming up, i slowed the bike and let my left foot down but the bike went to the right and i ended up on the ground cuz i didn't unclip. gotta get used to that unclipping thing. went down near wooden bridge where the port-a-potties r. still learning new shoes/pedals.
after that we continued on around the lake.
this ride was the longest.
i took the route in 5 mile increments. meaning, i would stop every 5 miles for a water break. my method worked and i was able to keep goin'. i will soon be able to go further between stops but right now, every 5 is good. 8)
before this, after getting the bike, i had only gone short distances, so this was really big for me. i finished the route with a smile on my face and thanking God for the help in keeping me goin' with the right attitude.