Wednesday, July 31, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/Beltline route
TEMP: 90*F
WIND: from the south TRIP: 13.28miles
START TIME: 2000hrs
FINISH TIME: 2100hrs
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: the wind was coming from the south but at times it seemed to come from the east as well. OMG! my cadence average is 67! that's 3 more than yesterday! 8)and i thought i wouldn't match it.
my legs ached to get out on the bike. so even b4 my planned time to leave, i was already on the bike. my ride was really not all that eventful. ride thru the neighborhood saw many people out walking and/or playing outside. the smells of grilling dinners were very much evident in the air. 8) smells were tantilizing. and i saw my hubby as he was finishing up his ride in the hospital parking lot.
one thing of note i did catch myself doing is NOT turning the wheel when in a turn. leaning the bike with the wheel slightly turned doesn't always cut it. missed the vehicle by about one foot.
after getting on Kearney's gradual upgrade, i was surprised that i was able to keep the RPMs up above 10. wasn't really goin' all that fast but i wasn't fighting myself either. i am paying attention to the way my legs feel when i can no longer keep a steady pace. when my legs begin to feel 'heavy', i kick it down one gear. i am then able to keep my cadence goin' and thus not tire out so quickly. making that gradual incline on a regular basis with no difficulty will be one big accomplishment. then i have another challenge all ready to go. 8)
riding Beltline was a breeze. had no trouble keeping my rhythm up. all the lights were green so i didn't have to stop and then start. 8) that was really nice.
Hwy 80 service road is a still a bit of a struggle for me. since it's at the end of my ride, i tend to really slow my rhythm down. but this time, i kept the rhythm up and MPH did not drop below 10. 8) this is a real accomplishment. i look forward to when i can keep my MPH 15 on a regular basis.
with each small step, improvement, accomplishment, i am getting closer to my goal of being able to ride longer distances. i am training to ride the right way so i can get the most out of my biking experience. 8)

Monday, July 29, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/Beltline route
TEMP: 90*F
WIND: from the east TRIP: 12.99miles
START TIME: 2008hrs
FINISH TIME: 2109hrs
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: the wind was definitely a factor when riding eastward. not much of a problem otherwise.
after warming up in the neighborhood, i decided to ride Beltline. i was hoping that the eastward wind would not change directions.
and it didn't>i actually made Kearney without feeling like i was done with the ride. i actually felt rejuvenated.
i used the bike gears to go up the steady incline and it was great. the challenge didn't seem so impossible. it really did make me feel good.
riding on Beltline, went smooth tho i did have to remind myself to keep up the cranking. i am very surprised that my cadence average went up so dramatically. now i have to keep it there. with changing the way i use the gears to start, climb, and cruise, i should be able to.
on the rehydrating side of my riding, i am doin' well. every 15 mins or so i take a few squirts from the water bottle. i am liking the results very much. seems to really help when i end the ride. i don't feel so 'out of it'.
looks like the bridge over them railroad tracks isn't too far away now.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 92*F
WIND: coming from the South TRIP: 16.14 miles
START TIME: 20:12hrs
FINISH TIME: 20:58 hrs
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: the wind was really strong on Tuesday out of the south. i had no problem with it! 8)
i made sure that my computer connections were correctly aligned b4 i started on my ride.
this ride was a short one and i really enjoyed it.
was making sure that all the tweeks hubby made on my bike. there was clicking when i cranked and i thought it was in the front derailer but it was actually in the rear. will try it out soon. right now, the weather is threatening thunderstorms. so we'll see.


ROUTE: neighborhood/beltline
TEMP: 92*F
WIND: none to speak of TRIP: unknown miles
START TIME: 1930hrs
FINISH TIME: 20:55 hrs
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: my bike computer did not log any info as it had moved and i didn't notice it until after i stopped to talk to friends near the end of my ride.
however, my ride went well. i am getting accustomed to taking 3 drinks from my water bottle every 15-20 mins. the difference in the way i am able to continue is quite noticeable. i am not "out of energy" during my ride nor am i exhausted after the ride.
with the changes i am making, the biking experience is really becoming enjoyable and relaxing. i still push myself to keep my rhythm and cadence up and it is happening, but slowly. i find that my legs would rather "coast" than keep pedalling. 8) so i have to keep telling my legs to keep goin'. i'm getting there. should be ready for next rally tho.
next time i will remember to check not only my tires but my computer connections as well to make sure all of them r lined up correctly before i start on my ride. 8)
another thing i'm finding is that my legs want to ride. i know that sounds strange, but it's true. my legs know when i normally ride. it's like, a magnet. my legs want to get out there, whether the weather is ideal or a challenge. 8)

Thursday, July 18, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/BFF route
TEMP: 92*F
WIND: coming from the South with a few rain drops TRIP: 16.14 miles
START TIME: 15:30hrs
FINISH TIME: 17:30 hrs
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: it has been a week since i rode. my legs were just begging me to go for a ride. the wind was nonexistent until i started up kearney. the wind was coming from the south so it was hitting my left side. there were a few rain drops but i pushed on.
it felt so good to be on the bike.
i stopped at my BFFs place for about 20 min. i then continued on my route.
decided to stop at my daughter's place and was there for about 20 min. i carried my bike up the stairs with no problem with my legs. 8) i also carried the bike down with no problem. 8) i normally have difficulty with my legs feeling like 'jelly'. but this time, they were just fine.
continuing on my route, i contemplated whether or not to go the extra route to east fork. but when i reached the service road from beltline, i was prety sure i would not continue that way. by the time i hit my turn for home, i had decided to head home. and home i did go. 8)
when arriving home, i noticed that i was not so winded or tired. i had a really good ride on my bike. 8)

Thursday, July 11, 2013


ROUTE: service rd/Tripp Rd/352/neighborhood
TEMP: 89*F
WIND: coming from the South TRIP: 11.49 miles
START TIME: 19:55hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:53:44
GOAL: correcting the way i ride.
OF NOTE: was gonna take Tripp to EastFork but my light wasn't working (so i thought) so i took 352 back to my neighboorhood.
there really was no wind to hinder any part of my ride.
still having trouble with the gear changing after coasting down a hill. gotta remember to change to lower gears so i can continue the climb with rhythm/cadence intact. the gear changing from 3 to 2 on front spocket is smooth now. don't have to go to 1 to get to 2. hubby fixed that for me.
the tires r really holding up on the uneven surface of the roads i ride. i am getting used to the speed i get from just a gentle pedaling. the next road rally will be lots nicer with these tires.
taking short drinks/sqirts every 15-20 mins is still a work in progress. i tend to forget to hydrate as i ride. so to correct that, i am watching the clock on my bike computer a little more closely. i do feel a difference when i keep to that drink/squirt schedule. i am also eating about an hour before i go out riding. if the ride is taken more than 2 hrs out from eating, i drink water mixed with GNC Sport and then some protein mix. just b4 i go, i will take a couple tblsps of honey. i find that works really good for me at this time.
the high temps here where i live, can really curtail ur outdoor activities. but i am learning to 'get out' anyway. i need it. it's good for me. and, i want to be able to enjoy my life and not just vegitate on the couch.

Sunday, July 7, 2013


ROUTE: service rd/Tripp Rd
TEMP: 79*F
WIND: coming from the East TRIP: 11.66 miles
START TIME: 20:42hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:55:43
GOAL: fun/cadence
OF NOTE: this ride was for correcting the way i ride.
with the new tires and the information my hubby is sharing with me, i am having to change the way i ride. starting off in a lower gear and not exerting so much energy makes a world of difference. i was able to go farther as i rode up the hills. i could feel a difference in the way my power drove the bike onward. i also watched the time and took 3 good squirts instead of 'guzzling'. what a difference in the way i felt as i rode. will work on that a lot more.
was alone on the ride as hubby rode in the morning.
the hills r still a challenge, but little by little i am conquering them.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

sandi_SL4-31: new tire break in.

ROUTE: White Rock/Downtown
TEMP: 100*F
TRIP: 24.26 miles
START TIME: 13:45hrs
TOTAL TIME: 2:08:39
GOAL: get used new tires
OF NOTE: this ride was done in the heat of the day.
today was a real challenge as we rode in the heat of the day and my new tires only helped me keep up with my hubby. tho i did go slower at times, he would double back and make sure i was ok.
the ride started out well. i actually was able to keep my tires rolling without having to struggle. these tires measure 26 x 1.75 and they roll so very nice. the resistance was almost nonexistent. i am looking forward to getting ready for the next rally with these tires. i will work on getting my cadence up and keeping my rhythm as i increase my cadence. i will also start in the lower gear. i had been starting out in 3 x 7 or 3 x 6. after listening to my hubby, i will change the way i start out on the bike. with that change, i should save more energy to go farther and not burn out like i did.
we went all the way to Downtown Dallas. the ride was absolutely beautiful. i was beginning to wear out but the GNC Sport drink really helped me keep going. however, the drink emptied well before we headed back to the car. while in Deep Ellum, we stopped at 7=11 where they gave my hubby ice for out sport bottles. continuing on to the Kennedy Memorial. we went around the memorial and headed back. i was really beginning to go down hill by the time we reached the second light on the way back. i fell behind my hubby as he was able to make 5-6 lights ahead of me. after catching up as he waited for me, we continued together on Main, back thru Deep Ellum and back to the trails. by the time, i was on the trails, i was really out of steam. i was truly goin' on determination to finish.
i yelled to hubby, 'Shade now!' and with that, we found the first shadey area after crossing the street. i actually stopped, put my bike down, and laid down. hubby graciously handed my water bottle to me and i laid there. it was at least 5 mins before i took a drink. we were there for at least 10. didn't time it. i remounted my bike and continued. stopped one more time before getting back to White Rock Lake. i had made it to the lake again. the climb on the bridge over the 2 streets. i was very slow. i had put the gears 2 x 5 and eventually dropped it to 2 x 3. it was shear determination i made it to the top.
all the way, i was thanking God for a wonderful husband who wants me to reach my goals. he encouraged me the entire way, especially on the ride back to the car. i felt i had let him down. but he assured i did not let him down.
i know i let him and God down when i got all worked up over a vehicle that come so close to me that if i had moved to my left in any way, i would have been hit by that vehicle. and i was in the bike lane. i should have let it go but i didn't. i pulled my bike directly behind it and continued to the ride. the vehicle pulled over checked the back end cuz they thought i had touched his stupid vehicle. i did not touch but i did not show Jesus at all to them. i am so tired when vehicles do that to biker riders. and to top it off, the vehicle blocked the crosswalk causing the people trying to cross to have to go into traffic. that vehicle driver was really rude and very stupid. i was stupid in that i did not keep my mouth shut.
i finished the ride on a high note cuz i finished the ride. hubby pulled the very cold extra water bottles and handed me mine. my hubby is the best. 1) he encouraged me the whole way. 2) he didn't get all bent out of shape when i did. 3) he helped the entire ride in every way he could.
i am blessed to have a hubby like him. i will work on my attitude and frustration levels when bad things happen.
i will be working on my cadence, rhythm and rpm's as i ride. i will take the advise hubby gave me as we rested and waited for me to get back on the bike. his advice should really help me accomplish my goals.
the extra i will do is swim, weights so i can loose the weight and gain the strength in my legs to make the goal of keeping up with my hubby.

Friday, July 5, 2013


ROUTE: midnite ride
TEMP: 80*F
TRIP: 10.48 miles
START TIME: 23:10hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:50:17
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: this ride was for fun.
decided to go on a midnite ride. it was great!
took the service road east to light/turn-a-round and went west to a side road north to Tripp. did a small zig zap and continued north on that road until TownEast where we turned around and headed back to Tripp. road east on Tripp to the small park. explored the little park, which was really quite nice. back on Tripp we turned we took the zig=zag and continued east on Tripp to EastFork where we headed south on that road to the highway. we turned west on the service road and headed for 352/Collins. after turning left and goin' under the bridge, we rode to TCLupton and turned into the hospital parking lot where we rode for a short time b4 heading home.
quite a nice ride. will definitely be taking that route again. only maybe this time, i'll start it from the beginning as i add it into my normal route.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


ROUTE: hospital parking lot/neighborhood
TEMP: 82*F
TRIP: 10.48 miles
START TIME: 20:00hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:50:17
GOAL: fun/cadence
OF NOTE: this ride was for fun but i also worked on getting my cadence up.
tonite hubby tried out his new pedal and clips he just got. he loves them! 8) i worked on my cadence. since he was riding his road bike, i had to really work to keep up with him. i have only my mountain bike with the dirt/road tires. it takes a lot more to move my tires on the road. the effort it takes to keep up with him causes me to work a bit harder and get the cadence up. my breathing rhythm was almost perfectly in sync. it took me a bit longer to match the cadence with the breathing but i eventually did get it. not sure how much i burned in the short time we were out there but i hope to do it again more often.
with this ride being a fun ride with hubby, i thoroughly enjoyed my time on the bike with him. he was all smiles and thoroughly happy on the bike. can't wait until we can do another rally together. maybe, just maybe, i'll be able to keep somewhat close to him. 8)