Tuesday, August 26, 2014

sandi1609: SAE23

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 26 August 2014

ROUTE: neighborhood/352/kearney/beltline/tripp/galloway/kearney/352/home

TEMP: 86*F

WIND: 6-12mph

TRIP: 15.32 miles


START TIME: 11:00hrs

END TIME: 12:11hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:11:15

GOAL: n/a

OF NOTE: winds were hitting me in the face no matter which way i was goin'. it was like the winds couldn't decide which direction it wanted to blow. 8) but i pedalled on and enjoyed the ride.

chose to do a 'tootling kind of ride. no real goal as i wanted to get my legs back in the pedals again after 2 days rest. will pick it up tomorrow and then forward as i get ready for the next road rally.

will be pushing myself to go a bit further now. want to be able to ride the longer routes and still be able to enjoy the ride.

until my next ride... 8) keep pedalling strong and steady. 8)

Monday, August 25, 2014


BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 23 August 2014


TEMP: 83*F

WIND: 15-20mph S

TRIP: 25.08 miles


START TIME: 07:40hrs

END TIME: 09:45hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:47:10

OFFICIAL TOTAL TIME: 1:56:09.0 GOAL: to finish the route at HHH

OF NOTE: winds were constant and very strong from the south. winds never let up. hoping to see David B. but was unable to locate him.

tho the temps were in the low 80s when i started the ride, they were climbing steady and fast. by the time i finished the ride, the temps were in the 90s. but the temperature wasn't the big factor. it was the 20 mile an hour winds that did not let up. even as we rode to the start lines for the various distances, the winds were already steady and getting stronger. by the time we started the race the announcement came over the speakers that the winds were 20mph. so i knew the heat wasn't gonna be the main problem or factor. the winds were the real factor here. the heat we were prepared for cuz that's how Ken and i trained. even with the winds here at home, it was a challenge. they were not light and breezy. the winds were strong and steady blowing the bikes sideways in the crosswinds. i truly believe that helped me ride as well as i did.

the highlight of the ride for me was Shepherd's Air Force base. riding thru that base, i was thankful for each man and women who have served America in the military. they do so much for so little. sometimes a THANK U just doesn't seem like enough. as i turned on to the area where they had the planes out and a few men and women in full dress as well as battle gear, i looked at the planes and remembered. in my heart i cried but a nice gal offered to take pics with her cell phone for me and gave me 3. i chose the plane they bring them home in. i chose that one cuz i want all our fighting men and women to come home. after giving her my email, i once again mounted Roadie and took off. a group of soldiers dressed in undershirts and shorts were loud and boisterous as they cheered the riders on. but all i could of was i should be the one cheering y'all on. our military men and women give so much of their lives to serve and fight for my freedom. and they leave family, friends, loved ones behind as they respond to the call of duty. it must be difficult even for those that have done it all their adult lives. i was one of the many riders who thanked them as i rode thru the base. and then exiting the base, i prayed they would all be safe and come home. i also prayed they would have strength for the journey before them.

the ride was really uneventful for me except for 2 chain derailments that happened after the base. the first happened 2 miles after going over some very rough railroad tracks. and the second happened just 2 miles from finish which caused me to loose about 5-7 min on finish time. but i did make the official time under my 2 hr goal by 4 min. total time was 5 min over.

can't wait to go back next year. in 2015, i pedal the 50 mile route or the 100K route. 8)

until next ride... keep pedaling strong and steady... 8)

sandi_1609: SAE11

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 20 July 2014

ROUTE: kearney/beltline/HWY80 service rd

TEMP: 92*F hazy and humid

WIND: 1-5mph

TRIP: 25.46 miles


START TIME: 12:05hrs

END TIME: 12:50hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:49:01

GOAL: to prepare for hotter than hell rally

OF NOTE: very hot, humid, and hazy. virtually no wind to speak of. flags and trees were barely moving. the biggest challenge was the heat.

the whole purpose of this ride is to prepare for the rally in August. i am training myself to ride in this heat and not get overtaken by it. having the endurance is one thing when it's windy and cooler. having the ability to endure a long ride in heat, humidity, and wind is a totally different thing. being able to ride long distances in heat and humidity takes patience. u have to know ur body and how it reacts in different situations. i am attempting to learn how my body will react and how to handle it as i ride in the hotter part of the day.

i do wish i had a friend that could be there with me. but i have my music and HS riding with me. the fact that i can even do this is testament to His healing me and motivating me to be a better me. hopefully, one day, i'll have a friend that sticks with me riding at my speed and pace. but one that will challenge me as my hubby does when we ride together. it is so hard for him to ride at my pace. he tries to stay with me but his natural momentum pulls him away from me. 8) i don't like it but he inspires me and keeps me chasing his pace. one day, i'll be there with him. 8)

for now i ride at my pace always striving to improve on it. however, in the next few weeks, i'll be getting my body ready by riding in the hotter part of the day. and hopefully still be able to ride in the cooler evening.

here's to the challenge i set for myself. with God's help, i believe i can make that challenge happen and be victorious in preparing myself. just have to remember that God is in control and He will never let me down. all i have to do is listen to Him and i'll be just fine. 8)

until next ride... 8)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

sandi_1609: SAE10

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 20 July 2014

ROUTE: HWY 80 service rd/352/tripp/galloway/barnes bridge/beltline/kearney

after bike repair

ROUTE: long creek/clay/east glen/berry/fpl/clay/hospital

TEMP: 92*F


TRIP: 25.46 miles


START TIME: 11:25hrs

END TIME: 13:45hrs

after bike repair



TRIP TIME: 1:49:01

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the S/SE. flat tire at intersection of beltline and kearney. walked bike home with only about 30 minutes of total riding.

decided that my ride would start without warming up thru the neighborhood. so off i went down the HWY80 service rd to 352.

turning left at the light on 352 from the service rd, i headed to tripp rd where i turned left and rode that up to beltline and then to Galloway. i had decided that i would go a different route is all.

as i rode on galloway, i had to decide whether or not i would go to barnes bridge. well, as i waited at the light of galloway and town east. i decided to go to barnes bridge. the ride was really goin' good. as i waited at the light to turn right onto beltline, i spoke briefly with 3 others who were out riding their bikes but goin' strait to tackle the hilly section of barnes bridge. as i rode down beltline, it was quite uneventful. traffic was courteous and light. as i got back on the more familiar part of beltline, i was able to get in a better rhythm. having to be in the middle lane was a bit unnerving but vehicles were courteous and allowed me to move to right lane as soon as the light allowed us to move forward. the ride to kearney was uneventful to kearney. i rode over the rough parts of the road as i always did.

as i topped the small incline from the light, i notice my front tire was low and then it went flat just as i came to the light of beltline and kearney where i had decided to make the turn cuz i was in the left lane and i didn't want to be a problem. i made the left turn carefully as i knew the tire could slip out from under me and it almost did. however, i have a feeling that God held the bike up as i turned cuz if i had come off the bike, i would have hit hard on the road on my left side.

after i got into the right lane of kearney, i stopped the bike and got off. i looked at the front tire and immediately noticed that the tire had frayed a bit more from the hole previously repaired. i also was curious on how far i had traveled. looking at my bike computer, i saw that i had only travelled 12.84 miles. putting my computer in my back left pocket, i proceedeed to walk home. very grateful that it wasn't gonna be a very long walk.