Wednesday, July 16, 2014

sandi_1609: SAE09

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 2 July 2014

ROUTE: kearney/galloway/beltline

TEMP: 90*F


TRIP: 17.00 miles


START TIME: 11:25hrs

END TIME: 12:50hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:13:57

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the S/SE. made a few short stops. the last stop was because of hearing something like a spring break off. when i stopped, i saw nothing and continued on my ride.

my ride was very much uneventful. traffic was normal lunch time traffic and i was able to ride unhindered.

my knee is still hurting so i am taking it easy and not really 'pushing' it. i'm using the gears much more. i have finally seen my cadence reach as high as 80 but i cannot maintain it for very long. but i am making progress. the scab just below my knee has stopped oozing and is now completely covering the deep scrap. it is a very thick-feeling scab. guess because the scrap dug out a few layers of skin.

preparing for the hotter than hell challenge in August. am very much looking forward to riding it. so i am training myself a later in the day so i can get used to the heat and be prepared for what i might go thru. since i have never ridden in anything like that b4, i am trying to follow the advice of those that have. and they tell u to make sure u have plenty of hydration and set ur body up so u have the ability to endure and complete ride in a good time.

hopefully, i am doin' just that. with guidance from my hubby and reading the ACTIVE CYCLIST articles, i should be good to go.

when i pulled into the driveway, i heard that same sound as if a spring had come loose but when i got off the bike, i saw a spoke had broken off the inner part of the wheel. so what i thought might be a spring breaking and goin' thru the spokes was actually the end piece that held the spoke in place. it broke clean off. what a surprise to me. and then i thought, 'hubby is gonna be upset with me.'

u see, i am not that skinny. in fact, i weigh over 250 pounds. i'm not happy with that but it's down from much higher. i am working on toning up as well as losing the weight. no excuses. i can only hope that i can ride my bike, Roadie, again soon.

until next ride... 8)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

nite ride gone bad...5July2014

what started out as a really nice ride turned bad in a blink of an eye.

i had decided to take a nite as the daytime was a bit too hot and humid. so when the sun was almost gone, i got ready for my ride. after making sure my tires were ready, i checked to make sure my back light and front lights worked. as i rode my warm-up i actually felt really good, so off i went on my ride. i went up Kearney to Galloway as i was contemplating on taking 80 service road to Gross and home. i had never gone that way. after turning left onto the service road i started gearing up for the climb i knew was coming. however, with it being dark, i didn't see the pothole that has been there a long time. i hit it full force and blew both my tire and innertube. i had not had a flat tire in a very long time. think the last time was on old Shwinn when i was a kid. anyway, after the tire blew, i rode a short distance before actually noticing my front tire was flat. once i realized it was, i started to slow down rather quickly making it to a parking lot.

as i turned in i tried unclipping but the left would not and down i went, hard. landind hard on left knee, elbow, palm of left hand. it took me a few minutes to make sure nothing was broken.

sitting with both legs strait out, i saw the large scrap just below my knee. i felt the sting of road rash on left elbow and searing pain in thumb base. at first i thought it was broke but i was able to move it after a short time. i then turned my attention to the bike.

as i sat on the concrete, i maneuvered the bike upside down so i could change the tire. it was a bit difficult as i was doing it all from a sitting position.

the front tire came easy enough. but getting my tool kit opened was a small challenge. but i did get it opened and ended pulling everything out. placing the tire gently on top of my legs, i struggled to get the tire off the rim. my left hand was not gripping things well and every time i got the tire started, the tire jig would let loose. the tire finally came off.

i found the puncture in the tire and patched it nicely. i then checked the inner tube and found that it was cut twice parallel in same spot. i put the new one in and proceeded to put a little air in before putting tire back on. however, the emergency CO 2 would tighten cuz the lead was too short. i tried several times before deciding to put the tire back on and walk home.

getting the tire back on proved more difficult and i was really wishing for some help to show up. so i asked Daddy to send help and tell my hubby i was down. however, none came for quite a while. i had no idea of time cuz i did not look at my bike computer which had the time. i know i was there for about 30 min alone.

i finally got up and tried putting my tire back on but it still wouldn't go. i am now really getting frustrated but i get that under control. after moving my bike and stuff to the curb, a car pulled up and asked if i was ok and told me they had called 911. a short time later, police showed up. about 10 mins later, an ambulance showed up. i was checked and not taken to hospital per my choice. in all, 3 police cars were there. the car that stopped let me call home and my hubby came out to help me and take me home.

for a ride that should have taken 1.5 hrs, ended up being 2.15 min with most of that time being on the ground. not really condusive to a successful ride. got home around 2345 hrs. i am in a bit of pain, but i will be fine. however, Roadie will need a rest until we get proper replacement tube.

frame, front wheel r undamaged. very happy about that. i will be putting a bit of oil in shoe clips and attachment piece. maybe next time i will be able to unclip. all in all, God definitely had his hand under me cuz it could have been a lot worse. THANK U DADDY for protecting me and keeping safe.

until next ride... 8)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

sandi_1609 - SAE06

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 2 July 2014

ROUTE: main/galloway/tripp

TEMP: 78*F very humid

WIND: strong wind from the South

TRIP: 16.72 miles


START TIME: 10:30hrs

END TIME: 11:54hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:10:24

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the N.

once again the wind came from the north. but this time i was ready for it. tho it was strong for long periods of time, it never really let up. so when i went with the wind, it was a nice break from the constant in my face. along with the clouds and humidity, it was a challenge for me. so i used the challenge to monitor my hydration and rhythm of legs. i had cramping in my left foot and lower calf which was annoying but not ride ending. i stretched my left foot a little more than i usually do. i also was not able to take on the more challenging TownEast hills again. however, i did accomplish a different challenge.

i took the bridge over the railroad tracks. it is quite steep and as always, ended up on lowest gear for climbing. but i was not sturggling as much as i usually did, prolly due to the wind at my back and not my face. it felt good to make it over the bridge without being worn out. i must be getting into better riding shape. after accomplishing that challenge, i headed up Davis/Main to Galloway. that part was uneventful. but the roads r a bit rougher than Beltline. turning onto TownEast i had to keep my bike steady and strait as the wind was blowing against it. i made the decision then not to do the more challenging hills on TownEast and took Beltline instead to Tripp Rd.

i ran over something and when i looked down, it looked like my back tire was flat. 'bummer! i had wanted to practice with hubby b4 i had to do it on the road,' i thought to myself. i pulled over to the little park across from a neighborhood b4 Jobson and took a look. NO FLAT! i was happy. i checked my trip computer and saw i had ridden just over 12 miles so i decided to stop and rest. i had a few bites of my power bar i brought with me and a few squirts of my water mix and poured my bottle with only water in it over my head. that felt really good! 8)

after about 10-15 min, i picked up my bike and road around the pathway b4 getting back on Tripp Rd. i rode to the park i usually stop at and took a potty break and also rode on the path around the pond. it was nice to see it filled up a bit with all the rain we have gotten. i then got back on Tripp Rd and then right on Collins.

with the wind at my back, i was confident that i could maintain some momentum to make it up the incline. i would guess it to be about 3% but it's still a bit of a struggle for me. it's so much easier with the wind at ur back. 8) as i creasted the hill, i decided to go to Old Barn and turn right there into the neighborhood to head home.

it was a great ride!

until next ride...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

sandi_1609 - SAE04: Collin Creek Classic Bike Rally

BIKE: Roadie DATE: 14 June 2014

ROUTE: lawson rd/airport hill

TEMP: 83*F

WIND: wind from the South

TRIP: 26.60 miles


START TIME: 08:10hrs

END TIME: 09:50hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:25:54

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the S/SW.

this ride: Collin Creek Classic.

the ride went well and i was able to keep my rhythm and cadence on track. the route was a little longer than usual due to construction. i am getting more comfortable at riding alone. however, i am still very apprehensive to riding without the a map. the next few rides will be challenging without knowing the area. but i will adjust and follow the marked route closely. one day i'll get the bike computer i would love to have. it would be nice to have maps of my rides.

now all i have to do is stretch the length of my rides so i can ride the longer rally routes and truly enjoy the time on the bike.

as i rode the bike on the route, i was a bit out of sorts. it was only the 2nd start without hubby. i really felt alone. as i rode i was able to chat with a few riders and it helped me brighten up a bit. at the first rest stop, i stopped and took advantage of the facilities. i also had to make a choice on whether or not to ride the 33 mile route but i chose to stay on the 22 mile route. as i rode, i wondered how hubby was doin' as he was riding the 100K. my concerns stemmed from the fact that he had almost 'bonked' on his daily rides. so i prayed for him and started thinking about keeping myself on track. as i rode, i concentrated on my technique and tried to enjoy the ride. i was still struggling with the fact i was riding alone. but i was keeping my busy and chatted with the Lord and prayed for my hubby, kids, and grandkids. b4 i knew it, i was nearing the end of the ride. i took the final challenge of an uphill climb. as with the other climbs, i geared down and pedalled up. as i got to the final left turn, i was feeling like i accomplished the goals i set. the main goal was to finish in under 2 hrs. i made that! after crossing the finish line, i wondered how hubby was doin' and where on the route he might be.

now all i had to do was wait for hubby to return.

until next time...

sandi_1609 - SAE05

BIKE: Roadie DATE: 2 July 2014

ROUTE: kearney/galloway/tripp

TEMP: 81*F

WIND: strong wind from the South

TRIP: 15.48 miles


START TIME: 11:15hrs

END TIME: 12:25hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:25:23

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the N.

i was totally surprised when the wind hit me in the face as i started out on my ride. but when i reached the end of my ride on Collins, it was nice to have the wind at my back as i went up road.

the ride was supposed to include the hills on TownEast east of Beltline however, my daughter caught me at a stop light while i out riding and asked if i could watch the kids as she went to a job interview. so i made sure to watch the time and took out the hills on TownEast as i knew i would not make it back at the appointed time. i ended up goin' on Beltline to Tripp cuz i really wanted to ride Collins.

the ride was a good one and i look forward to riding again tonite, if i get the chance. BIKE: Roadie i would not make it back at the appointed time. i ended up goin' on Beltline to Tripp cuz i really wanted to ride Collins.

the ride was a good one and i look forward to riding again tonite, if i get the chance.