Wednesday, May 29, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood route
TEMP: 80*F
TRIP: 7.19 miles
TIME: 1015hrs
TOTAL TIME: 0:40:35
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: there was no sun whatsoever. the wind was constant and strong. however, i did not have much of a problem with it. only when i had to get back to pace after slowing or stopping did i even notice it. 8)
when i saw the clouds and wind blowing thru the trees, i had decided to NOT ride. however, my hubby's gentle nudging along with Holy Spirit, got me on my bike. i'm glad i did. it was quite refreshing. humid, but refreshing.
just after getting started, i thought my back tire had gone flat. saw my hubby and asked. he said, 'looks good.' so i continued on my way.
the ride continued uneventful until i was almost finished and coming up CopperMeadow. as i was approaching the intersection of CopperMeadow and Planters, a truck with trailer was backing up and had pulled forward and went on. a Dodge Ram, tan in color, followed him without even stopping at the stop sign. almost hit his left rear quarter panel. said something i shouldn't have and continued on. finished the route and did my cool down.
motorized vehicles need to watch and look for those on bicycles. if they don't, an accident can happen and the cyclist will usually be on the loosing end.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood combined with kearney route to twila's
TEMP: 82*F
TRIP: 14.16 miles
TIME: 1710hrs
TOTAL TIME:1:16:14
GOAL: breathing and rhythm in sync
OF NOTE: ride was accomplished during rush hour. however, traffic was not that heavy. the wind really wasn't a factor. 8) that must mean i am pacing myself correctly. we'll see when the wind is more of an issue.
with the weather the way is has been the past few days and having the grandkids, it was really difficult to get on the bike. but today, was so perfect! if i had a kiddie trailer for the bike, i would have been out in the mornin'. the wind was nonexistent and it was perfect temp-wise. i was so itching to go. but i waited 'til they were gone and got myself ready right after they left.
i was all ready to go when i did my preride check. chain-ok; alignment-ok; tires-low. what a bummer! i had to wait until my hubby returned to help me air them up cuz i wasn't sure how to work the air compressor. so from 1530 hrs to 1630 hrs, i waited as patiently as i could.
chatted with good friends on FLYFF while i waited. when i heard the car entering the garage, i went to greet my hubby.
after putting his stuff away, he graciously showed me how to work the compressor and connector. once that was done, i was on my way!
it was really good to get out there on the bike. after riding my warm-up route in the neighborhood, i noticed that my rhythm and breathing were in sync. i decided to make the Kearney ride to my bff.
the ride was uneventful. i kept to the right lane the entire way there. cars were courteous, keeping the proper distance. only one vehilcle was quite rude. a van kept honking at me. as soon as i put my arm out to signal i was turning left, it passed me as i was about to make my turn.
bicycles have the right to take up the entire lane and do not have to move over to let motor vehicles pass. read the rules of the road. and when a bicyclist signals with their arm they r wanting to turn, it doesn't mean that vehicle can pass them.
so remember people, bicyclists follow the same rules as motorized vehicles.
wish i could go for another ride but i will wait. don't want to push myself to the brink and not enjoy the ride. tomorrow is another day. let's hope the weather will be as accommodating as it was today. :)

Thursday, May 16, 2013


this ride was accomplished on May 13, 2013. just handed logged it until today.
ROUTE: neighborhood combined with kearney route to grandskids
TEMP: 75-79*F
TIME: 1145hrs
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: neighborhood ride started at 1145 hrs. stopped at house to double check tire pressure b4 completing the route and continuing on to my grandkids place. restarted ride at 1233hrs and arrived at grandkids place at 1255hrs.
the ride started out with a brisk wind coming from the south. was able to make the neighborhood ride in a relaxing manner. my breathing and rhythm r beginning to sync up quicker with each ride. i am doin better each ride. my stamina is building nicely.
after watching my grandkids for a few hrs, i headed back home at 1800hrs. took me about 25 min to reach home.
took Kearney instead of Grubb. the gradual climb was much easier to ride. i also took Kearney home.
am getting more confident on the busy streets. i am still very attentive. it's good exercise for my brain. helps keep me thinking and alert.

i am slowing getting where i want to be. hopefully, the weather will be nice enough Friday mornin' to get in a neighborhood ride. these past few days have been wet and windy.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

sandi_SL4-13 - FUN!!

below is a ride i made cuz the bike was "calling my name". ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 75-77*F
GOAL: n/a
i had resisted goin' for a ride after returning from a day with my hubby. however, i could no longer resist the beautiful weather or the urge. no wind, mild temps, and it was all so nice. the sun was no longer burning the sky and the sky looked beautiful in the twilight.
hubby had just left with the dog for a walk. i hurried to dress in my bike gear. forgot my gloves but that was ok. filled my water bottle and off i went.
can't wait until i can make the longer rides. it's takin' a bit longer than i thought it would to get back in the groove, but i'm not giving up. 8)
i finished just as the sky was turning completely black for the night.
a good 30 min ride. 8)

sandi_SL4-12 - mornin' leisure ride

below is my mornin' ride for Saturday, May 11, 2013. ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 71-73*F
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: mornin' ride/previous days were too windy and wet on Thursday and Friday.
COMMENTS: strong north wind right off the start making it a challenge to get into rhythm goin' up the curved hill. but i stuck with it and made all the way to the service road. 8) the ride was really nice. i find it quite relaxing really. the challenge to keep up a strong steady rhythm can be a challenge when i really just prefer to (let it ride). the slower pace really helps me get goin' in the mornin'.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

mornin' ride (0900hrs)

below is my mornin' ride for tuesday. ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 74-77*F
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: mornin' ride
COMMENTS: third ride
started out 30 minutes late, around 0900 hrs.quite a difference with the wind. since i like it when the wind is at it's most minimal, i struggled a bit at first. but with determination i got it goin' up that hill on Planters and steadied out my rhythm. however, when i turned around, i was met with a light but steady south wind. so i guess, starting out with a bit of wind wasn't so bad. 8) almost had a wreck when a car pulled out of a parking spot not seeing me. had to swerve really close to the curb goin over a large drain in the pavement. said a few works as i continued on thru the parking lot. and i was wearing my bright orange wind breaker! wish i wouldn't have said anything. guess, i still have to work on my mouth. will do that.
the ride overall was nice and exhilerating.

Monday, May 6, 2013

mornin' ride (0830hrs)

only hope i can make a difference for me. these rides in the mornin', so far, have been exhilerating.
today, i feel really good. and i just remembered that i didn't take my thyroid stuff b4 the ride. i just took it. guess, i wanted to ride really bad, eh? well, below is my ride: ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 64*F
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: mornin' ride
COMMENTS: second day of mornin' ride.
goin' out after the mornin' rush was just perfect. started my ride about 0830hrs. traffice was almost nonexistent. just a few vehicles. think i will make this time my permanent one.
the winds were really light. i did wear my windbreaker and arm covers as the temp was in the low to mid 60s. the wind wasn't much of a factor, which is y i am riding in the early mornin'.
overall, i enjoyed the ride.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

early mornin' (0700 hrs) ride

with the weather finally getting warmer and the sun being seen earlier, i am making an effort to get out of bed and active. there is so much to live for. and it's time i started living. so i am making the effort to help myself get and stay active. today was the start.
i just have to figure out how to do it monday thru friday. traffic is extremely heavy on the road i live on in the early mornin with kids and adults heading to their destination. so i am thinking that i have to adjust the time go out for my very short leisurely ride. since traffic settles down in the neighborhood around 0800 hrs, i could start my very short ride @ 0830 hrs. then head out again on a longer ride around noon and end at my daughter's house to watch the kids. will have to make sure of that plan bur i think it's a start. i can then take another ride after leaving there around 1900 hrs. o man! that just might be a good idea. would have to write things down to separate the rides but it just might work.
when the car is ready for a trip, we can take the bikes and go. i'll be ready for the longer rides. below is the info for my very short ride.
ROUTE: home neighborhood
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: chilly (50), no wind
COMMENTS: this was my first early mornin' ride. started 0705 hrs and returned just shy of 30 min later.
am trying to get into a routine that will help me get moving in the early mornin'. this mornin' was just that, a short 5 mile ride around the neighborhood i live in. quite a nice ride really on an early Saturday mornin'.
the only thing was that my fingers got quite cold as i do not have the full glove to wear in cool weather. other than that, my very short ride was pleasant and invigorating.

hope i can keep it up. i know it will do me good and help me in staying active.