Wednesday, October 23, 2013


lunch ride
ROUTE: neighborhood/beltline
TEMP: 77*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 11.21 miles
START TIME: 1244hrs
FINISH TIME: 11437hrs
GOAL: n/a
OF NOTE: just had to get out there and ride!
the bike was beckoning me as i did my chores. i kept looking outside. hurried to complete the chores and then out on the bike.
with no real plan on where to ride. i just worked on keeping my rhythm steady and my cadence up. as i rode, the exhilaration i felt helped. i guess when u really want to do something, even the smallest thing helps. 8) this is the second ride since the rain kept me and my hubby off the bikes. yesterday's ride was just 'to get out and ride'.
not sure if we will do any more bike rallies. there is one i want to do down south of us. not sure if hubby wants to do it. it would require at least a 1 nite hotel stay if not 2. we'll see. i'm hopin'. 8)

Monday, October 7, 2013


ROUTE: MakeAWish100
TEMP: 75*F
WIND: from the N
TRIP: 20.51 miles
START TIME: 0800hrs
FINISH TIME: 0943hrs
GOAL: finish the ride
OF NOTE: weather was quite nice at the beginning of the ride. however, b4 arriving at the finish line, the weather had turned quite cool with rain beginning.
the plan was to ride the 45 mile route however, i changed it to the 15 mile route due to having trouble with the first incline. hubby had no problem with me not goin' on the longer ride. we parted ways and continued on.
as i rode the route, i noticed that there were not a lot of signs out to direct us. when i came to a 'T' in the road, i went right. (that turned out to be the wrong way.) i continued down the road wondering if i had made a wrong turn. when i got to the highway bridge, i really began to wonder. i was all alone with no navigation to help me. there were no signs and i started to tear up due to being alone and not knowing the area. in fact, i was scared. hubby was on the 45 mile route and i was all alone. after making another right turn onto Wilhemth (i think that's the name) intersected with Community, i rode until i knew where i was. i was at the high school where the other bike rally had been back in June. i knew i was west of there i needed to be but had no idea how to get back. as i backtracked to the light and Community, i stopped and asked a rider how to get back to the rally route. she was kind enough to explain and off i went. didn't exactly go the way she explained but headed east instead of west. as i rode, i told myself i would not go on another bike rally until i have a navigation system. not gonna have this happen again. i followed the signs for HWY75 and was finally able to find some familiar roads hubby and i drove the night b4. i turned onto Tennessee and headed south. i was almost there. but i stopped and asked one more person for help on how to get to the square.
i finally made it to the town square and rode around it twice b4 finding the finish line for the rally.
since i was supposed to only ride 12-15 miles, i knew i would have to wait a couple hours for hubby. however, i did 20 miles due to getting lost. i was not a happy camper.
i stayed on my bike until hubby rode up a few hrs l8r. all the while, praying that he was ok. it had started to rain now and the temps were really cool now. rain and cool/cold temps don't make for a good ride. so i prayed that he would be ok. i, in the meantime, stopped and put on my jacket. i continued to ride my bike until i had to put my pants on over my riding shorts. and that is when hubby came in. so i wasn't there at the finish line to greet him as i was putting on my pants still. anyway, i rode around with him as he cooled a bit more. then we called it a day on our bikes and walked around the square and grabbed a bite to eat.
until my next ride...8)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

sandi_SL4-51: 2 rides combined

morning ride
ROUTE: neighborhood/clay/scyene
TEMP: 82*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 24.01 miles
START TIME: 1003hrs
FINISH TIME: 1258hrs
GOAL: getting ready for bike rally
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong and steady from the south with gusts coming from both south and east. it was a challenge that i met head on. 8)
not much happened on the ride.
i took one real break at my daughter's home for about 20 mins. visit was really nice. took beltline and tripp on the final leg of my ride. really relaxing. as usual, collins was a challenge. i have yet to make it up that incline from the light with any real speed or without being winded. one of these days, collins won't be a problem.
until next ride...8)

evening ride
ROUTE: neighborhood/clay/scyene
TEMP: 82*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 18.22 miles
START TIME: 2000hrs
FINISH TIME: 2130hrs
GOAL: getting ready for bike rally
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong and steady from the south with gusts coming from both south and east. the evening wind wasn't as strong but still very constant and steady.
did not make any stops.
riding my warm-up in the neighborhood, had one incident that could have ended my ride but i was able to avoid it by letting out a scream as i rode by the vehicle that was backing out of their driveway. i was heard by the driver and they slammed on their brakes as i rode on by.
i can't believe they didn't see me. my headlight was on but apparently they didn't look again in my direction. u know, the headlight on my bike is there so i can ride when it's dark. u would think. a moving light would get someone's attention. oh well.
the rest of my ride was uneventful.
my morning ride was very warm and humid. the evening ride was also warm and humid. so when i got home, i was soaked. normally, i don't have sweat dripping off me cuz it usually turns to salt on my skin. but this time due to the humidity, it didn't do that.

until my next ride... 8) off to the bike rally!