Sunday, April 28, 2013

first ride in 3 wks

the past 3 weeks has been really hard as i have not been able to ride the bike.
first it was weather. then i got sick and was down for 4 days. when i could finally get on to "stretch my legs", the weather went wet. and then yesterday, April 27th, i came down with a stomach bug. what a wild past 2 weeks.
following is the first ride i have been able to get in.
TRIP TIME: 1:00:50
AVERAGE SPEED: 11.56 mph
GOAL: rebuilding stamina
OF NOTE: new route/first time in 2 weeks riding.
COMMENTS: after having been unable to ride the bike for over a week due to weather and being sick, i was finally able to get back on. and did it feel good. i was excited to finally be able to get out again.
the beginning of the ride started out really well. we went north on the route at first and explored.
one of the paths took us up to road lvl. hubby had stopped and was trying to decide which way to go when i came up. i unclipped the left foot and then the right but for some reason, my left foot reclipped and when i went to put the foot down, i fell on my left elbow, scrapping it up just a bit. good thing i was wearing pants or my left knee would have been rescrapped up. after laying on the ground for a minute or two, i remounted my bike and drank some water. we, my hubby and i, turned around and went back to our starting point and continued to explore the south part of the route.
i was doin' good tho i did stop due to getting a little light-headed. hubby was checkin his chain so it was a good stop. from there we had no mroe trouble. we made it to the end of the route at I-30.
we headed back after riding in the parking lot we headed back to the starting point.
the ride was really good. it felt good to feel the wind in my hair and the pain in my legs.
what a great ride!

Monday, April 8, 2013

leisurely ride

today i rode the bike in the neighborhood. did not keep the stats as it has been a week since i last rode.
i decided to stay in my neighborhood, work on breathing technique, and rhythm. and with the wind as strong as it was today, gusts of 20+, i'm glad i stayed in the neighborhood.
i was able to keep my rhythm but i found myself huffing at times and had to slow my breathing down as i kept up my rhythm. that is difficult goin' against the wind or climbing an incline. i only hope i can get it together b4 hubby and i go out on some off-road trails.
looking forward to that. today hubby was checking out some body armour for the knees, lower leg, and elbows. he also looked into gettng the "emergency" kits for trail riding. things like bug repellant, snake bite kit, and the like. can't wait to get the stuff and try out those dirt trails. hope we start out on more flat with a few challenges instead of the steeper trails. bike control is really key when riding on dirt/rocky trails. used to do it a lot in my younger days. but now that i'm 50, a bit heavier, i have to start over so to speak and get the feel for my bike and trust that it can handle the terrain. the tires r strong and sturdy so i should be able to count on them.
in order to have fun on the trail, u need to be as prepared as u can. safety is always first and foremost.
my ride took about 1 hour and was so exhillerating. when i finished, i felt so good. don't think i made 10 miles but that was not my goal. weather on Wednesday is supposed to be wet and Tuesday, will be very windy, cooler, and somewhat wet so it may be a couple days b4 i can ride again.

Monday, April 1, 2013


ROUTE: hubby's route
GOAL: completing the route, maintain breathing rhythm
OF NOTE: 2 very steep hills
COMMENTS: having been off the bike for a few days, i decided to go on ride with hubby. i told him that i wanted to follow him as best i could. i am still slower than he is so i didn't know if i could make the full route. but i was gonna try. after coming to the intersection we would normally separate at, i decided that i would give it a go. (i could always turn back.) however, i continued on.
his route has some really challenging hills. 2 r steep enough that it could cause a turn back. (i almost did.) but with the gears on my Cannondale SL-4, i was able to make it all the way up that first very steep hill. still on a incline even after the reaching the top, we continued on the route. the second steep hill came near the end of the route. i started out fast but could not keep up my RPMs. so my ascent was rather slow but not as slow as the first steep hll. my rhythm was much steadier. after making the top, a drink break and then onward. having to circle while waiting for a train to pass was welcoming. the rest of the ride was easy and uneventful.


ROUTE: school/grubb
GOAL: none
OF NOTE: very strong winds
COMMENTS: this is a combination of three days: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
no real plans other than getting to my daughter's house to watch the grandkids so she could get to work.
did not ride otherwise due to the very strong winds on all three days.


ROUTE: school/grubb
STOP DURATION: first stop 20 min, second stop 1.5 hrs
COMMENTS:this was a leisurely ride. no real agenda. my goal was to see how far it was to my friend's house via my daughter's place. from my house to Twila's house, is about 4 miles the way i traveled. quite quick really. the winds were light at about 10-15 mph but i still struggled against them. still have work to do in that area.
can't wait to ride up to my friend's house on Friday and see her. wonder what she's gonna say when she sees me and my bike.
cadence was low due to this being a true leisurely ride.


ROUTE: school/grubb & clay
STOPS: went into CVS Pharmacy
resumed down Kearney to school then to copper meadow/winding creek crossed over collins (352) to long creek. turned right on clay rd. went approximately 6 miles south. turned around and headed back.
once at the long creek and collins, i turned right and rode collins to wheatfield. went up wheatfield after turning around in the circle, i turned right onto garden trail to the circle and headed back north to hackamore where i turned right. rode to planters turned right and headed home.
when i first decided to ride, the wind was minmal. however, it was quite gusty when riding southward. gusty winds were a challenge even goin' east/west. but goin' north, how nice!


random 10 mile ride.
started out on grubb route. rode around parking lot at CVS. went down kearney and then back to neighborhood. rode back alley of hospital and street towards HWY80. turned around and got almost blown off my bike from a strong gust of wind. went up side road and back down planters and rode thru the neighborhood.


ROUTE: neighborhood, school/grubb
GOAL: to make 10 miles
COMMENTS: started off with hubby but separated when i lost him. then went to grubb rd route and completed 10 miles. with this being my 2nd ride, i am still building up my stamina, endurance, and getting a rhythm/cadence.
the winds were really gusting strongly and i just couldn't keep up with him. however, i continued on a different route and made my goal.


ROUTE: whiterock lake
GOAL: go the distance
OF NOTE: n/a
COMMENTS: rode from cottonwood trail north dallas near hubby's work down and around whiterock lake loop and back. had a scare when i shifted down to 1-3 thinking i lost the chain cuz i wasn't moving up the hill anymore. felt really loose like the chain had come off. but of course it didn't. remounting the bike, i clipped the right shoe in but had difficulty getting the left shoe clipped as i am still learning the technique. with a yield coming up, i slowed the bike and let my left foot down but the bike went to the right and i ended up on the ground cuz i didn't unclip. gotta get used to that unclipping thing. went down near wooden bridge where the port-a-potties r. still learning new shoes/pedals.
after that we continued on around the lake.
this ride was the longest.
i took the route in 5 mile increments. meaning, i would stop every 5 miles for a water break. my method worked and i was able to keep goin'. i will soon be able to go further between stops but right now, every 5 is good. 8)
before this, after getting the bike, i had only gone short distances, so this was really big for me. i finished the route with a smile on my face and thanking God for the help in keeping me goin' with the right attitude.