Monday, September 30, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/clay/mesquite valley
TEMP: 89*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 26.94 miles
START TIME: 1103hrs
FINISH TIME: 1314hrs
GOAL: getting ready for bike rally
OF NOTE: the wind had strong gusts bur did not inhibit me today.

today i took one of the side roads that i had no idea where it went. went down a road called mesquite valley. i wondered where it went so i took it. it was a nice ride. a few challenging steep hills that i did make. quite a refreshing ride. i really enjoyed the experience today as i rode unfamiliar roads. the ride total time was just under 2.5 hrs and that includes two 5 min breaks to eat and hydrate.
i am very happy with the total trip total time. my goal is to make a 30-40 mile ride in less than 4 hrs. i know it can be done on a road bike but i want to make the ride on a trail bike. i think i can make it.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

sandi_SL4-49 - Monday Sept. 23, 2013

ROUTE: neighborhood/long creek/faithon
TEMP: 89*F
WIND: from the S/SE
TRIP: 31.31 miles
START TIME: 0955hrs
FINISH TIME: 1314hrs
GOAL: getting back into the routine
OF NOTE: the wind had strong wind gusts. i decided to stretch out my ride a bit more but, the stretch was a bit more challenging than planned. i took the wrong road! i ended up way further than i wanted to be.
the ride started out with the intent of goin' 30 miles and making a visit with bff. both goals were met. tho i did notice a big difference from Sunday in the way i felt, explain that later.

i readied myself in my usual way. was really excited to get out there on my bike. after preride checks, i set off on my longer ride.
after leaving the neighborhood, i contemplated the direction i wanted to take after my break at the Shell station. i made the decision to take faithon. i wasn't sure what the road i was supposed to make my turn on tho. but once i was on my way, i concentrated on getting up the incline.
it was difficult for me. the south wind was continually blowing against me making it difficult to do much coasting. the winds really made me work. 8)
i came to an intersection, which i wasn't sure if i was to turn onto, so i went thru the intersection. as i waited for the light, i looked at the road in front of me and noticed some inclines i didn't think i was ready for yet. however, i pressed on when it was safe to go. not far from the intersection, i began thinking, 'i should have turned right at that light.' but i continued forward not wanting to backtrack. whatever came up, i would face it. what proved to be the last incline, i was able to see it quite a ways in advance. it was steep. i contemplated how i would make it up the incline. i didn't have much speed starting up but i kept the gearing so i could continue pedalling. it was beating me and i knew it. after a white van passed me, i came off my bike. not hard. didn't even fall. but i was goin' so slow, i couldn't recover from a move over some unlevel pavement. so i decided to just walk the bike up the rest of the incline. guess i walked just over half way up. to be honest, i was tired. my enthusiasm was there but my energy wasn't. motivation to visit my bff kept me goin'.
when i reached the top, i remounted the bike and continued on not knowing where i was exactly. i knew i was farther than i wanted to be. when i came up on a familiar road, i turned north. following beltline to the 5 corners, i turned on pioneer and was finally getting closer to where i wanted to be. pioneer crosses the road i should have turned onto from faithon. now i know. i continued on pioneer towards scyene. riding up scyene towards my short neighborhood sidetrack, i got back on beltline.
missing my turn as i was in the right lane, i made a safe u-turn and got on kearney. by this time, i was wanting the ride to be done. but i also wanted to make the 30 miles. so onward i pushed with my bff's place on the horizon. just b4 i was about to turn into the parking lot for my bff, a vehicle passed me on the left. it was stupid cuz there was plenty of space to pass me on the right side. some drivers just don't care that bikes have the same rights as a car. it's frustrating. and to think, i used to be one of those drivers. glad i learned the law. just wish the others would. anyway, i made it to her place and was able to get a bite to eat and hydrate. chatted with my bff and made plans for friday nite pizza. can't wait. i said goodbye and got back on my bike. finished the ride coming up collins and cooling down with a short ride in neighborhood. i got in the house and found it difficult to do anything but shower and lay down to sleep. i was wiped out. so that is exactly what i did. didn't make the tuna, clean the kitchen, or anything else.
i did contemplate as to y i was so wiped out compared to my Sunday ride. and i figured it was the fact that i had 2 cups of hot mate' b4 i left. mate' is much different from tea or coffee. it is an herbal type drink. it has a little bit of caffeine like coffee but it contains a lot more stuff the body can use and it really does make a difference. so i will try having a couple cups of mate' b4 i take a ride. i am also getting up earlier so i can start riding early in the mornin'. it's cooler and i can get finished b4 the heat hits. we'll see how that works out.8)

until my next ride post... 8)

Sunday, September 22, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood/long creek
TEMP: 75*F
WIND: from the N/NE
TRIP: 24.53 miles
START TIME: 1040hrs
FINISH TIME: 12431hrs
GOAL: getting back into the routine
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong. i decided to really stretch out my ride. today, the wind did not bother me as much even tho it did gust strongly at times.

today was really a good day. when i got up, the weather was absolutely perfect! the temps were in the 70's and the wind was not too bad as i stood in the backyard. after waking up and enjoying some hot yrba mate' and chatting with my hubby, a bike ride was just itching to happen. i gave in to that itch and got ready to go along with my hubby. i took off b4 he was finished.
contemplating on where i wanted to ride, i rode the neighborhood for the warm-up. as i reached the road that i had to make the choice, i decided to go for the long ride. crossing a main road i headed off on my ride. 8)
as i road down Clay Mathis, i decided i would take Faithom to Pioneer. as i took a break at a Shell station, i contemplated that choice. i decided to go back to Scyene and tackle that incline. as i was riding, a train was goin' by and i thought, 'what was i thinking?' but i pedalled on and made it up that incline. i was so proud of myself. i took a short break at the stop sign before continuing on. taking a shortcut thru a neighborhood, i came out on Beltline and headed for the highway. as i rode the main roads, nothing much happened. 8) as i rode under the highway bridge, i contemplated on goin' farther up on Beltline but decided to go on Tripp. on a whim, i decided to ride the paved trails. it was something i wanted to do in the past but wouldn't on the night rides. i thoroughly enjoyed riding the paved trails. the second paved trail, was part of the small park off Tripp near Collins. after completing that trail, i road thru to the police/firehouse station parking lot to Collins. i then contemplated taking the Kearney incline but i was already very close to the 2 hr mark. since this was just the third ride, i called it a good ride and headed home.
while i was riding, i noticed that my legs were not giving me the maximum stroke. i knew that my seat needed to be raised. i made a mental note of it to tell hubby. the other thing that would need to be addressed is the front tire rubbing. i thought it was my brakes so i hit the brakes gently but that didn't take care of it. i then hit them a bit harder but it still persisted. so i finished my ride and told hubby when i got home.
after arriving home, i asked hubby to raise my seat, and check the rubbing on my front tire. he did both and now, i feel much more comfortable. the reason my seat needed to be raised was the fact that i had lost weight. the same for the front brake. who knew? i certainly didn't. i was smiling and really feeling good. having to raise seat cuz i had lost weight, now that really is something. can't wait to have to do it again. 8)
the whole time i was riding, it did not feel like i was even tired. i really did feel rejuvenated. i really didn't want to stop but i knew that it would not be smart to push it too much. there will be other days. next Saturday/Sunday will be days i work on longer rides. if we do go to the rally in Oct, i will be ready. i just wish i had my road bike. i'm itching to make a ride with hubby that is long and relaxing at the same time.
well, until my next ride, SHALOM!


Saturday, September 21, 2013


ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 78*F
WIND: from the N
TRIP: 13.03 miles
START TIME: 1115hrs
FINISH TIME: 1221hrs
GOAL: getting back into the routine
OF NOTE: the wind was very strong. it actually bothered me a bit. even with the wind, i really enjoyed the ride.
after waiting for about an hour after eating breakfast, i got on my bike. there was no battling back and forth. 8) i decided and i went. it felt great! hope this continues, as well as the weather staying nice. as i reflect on the ride, i am feeling like my ride was lackadasical. it was a lazy ride really. i did have to work when i was goin' against the N wind but the entire ride really did feel kinda lazy. guess, i need to go ahead and start riding my route and get ready for the next rally. 8) we'll see how i do this next week. 8)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

sandi_SL4-46 - Sept. 18, 2013

first ride since the bike wreck.

ROUTE: neighborhood
TEMP: 89*F
WIND: from the SE/S TRIP: 13.05 miles
START TIME: 1940hrs
FINISH TIME: 2053hrs
GOAL: getting back into the routine
OF NOTE: back on the bike!

the whole ride was really relaxing. had only one problem with a dog but nothing else.
i was torn about getting back on the bike. my motivation just wasn't there. it wasn't the fact of the fall or anything like that. i just had no motivation to carry out the desire of getting back on the bike. so i skipped the mornin' ride i planned and decided to wait until the evening. really what i decided was, 'if hubby went for a ride, i would go.' that was good for me. even tho i knew we would ride in different directions. so i made sure i prepared myself to go for a ride.
when i saw hubby get his water bottle ready, i knew he was goin' on a ride. so i immediately got up from the couch and did the same then got my shorts on along with my shoes. i still wasn't motivated to go on a ride but i got ready and headed out.
'would u help me get my bike ready for the ride?' i asked my hubby.
'yes, i'll help u,' he replied.
'thank u,' i smiled and followed him out the door.
he made sure the tire pressure was solid. i made sure the electronics were working. when my bike and his were ready to go, i locked the house and off we went on our different routes.
when i started out from the driveway, it wasn't as difficult to get goin'. 8) i headed on my way smoothly. i only rode the neighborhood as i hadn't ridden for a month. it really did feel good on the bike. i kept the gearing as easy as i could. i rode out on my street and down a short way on the service road towards the hospital parking lot. believe it or not, the wind was not even a problem. with the gearing in the front on the middle sprocket, i was able to ride smoothly. i rode the neighhood twice as i am not ready to tackle the high traffic area with the more challenging areas as of yet. i am going to work slowly to get back into a regular riding routine. with that, i will say, 'UNTIL NEXT TIME!'