Tuesday, August 26, 2014

sandi1609: SAE23

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 26 August 2014

ROUTE: neighborhood/352/kearney/beltline/tripp/galloway/kearney/352/home

TEMP: 86*F

WIND: 6-12mph

TRIP: 15.32 miles


START TIME: 11:00hrs

END TIME: 12:11hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:11:15

GOAL: n/a

OF NOTE: winds were hitting me in the face no matter which way i was goin'. it was like the winds couldn't decide which direction it wanted to blow. 8) but i pedalled on and enjoyed the ride.

chose to do a 'tootling kind of ride. no real goal as i wanted to get my legs back in the pedals again after 2 days rest. will pick it up tomorrow and then forward as i get ready for the next road rally.

will be pushing myself to go a bit further now. want to be able to ride the longer routes and still be able to enjoy the ride.

until my next ride... 8) keep pedalling strong and steady. 8)

Monday, August 25, 2014


BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 23 August 2014


TEMP: 83*F

WIND: 15-20mph S

TRIP: 25.08 miles


START TIME: 07:40hrs

END TIME: 09:45hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:47:10

OFFICIAL TOTAL TIME: 1:56:09.0 GOAL: to finish the route at HHH

OF NOTE: winds were constant and very strong from the south. winds never let up. hoping to see David B. but was unable to locate him.

tho the temps were in the low 80s when i started the ride, they were climbing steady and fast. by the time i finished the ride, the temps were in the 90s. but the temperature wasn't the big factor. it was the 20 mile an hour winds that did not let up. even as we rode to the start lines for the various distances, the winds were already steady and getting stronger. by the time we started the race the announcement came over the speakers that the winds were 20mph. so i knew the heat wasn't gonna be the main problem or factor. the winds were the real factor here. the heat we were prepared for cuz that's how Ken and i trained. even with the winds here at home, it was a challenge. they were not light and breezy. the winds were strong and steady blowing the bikes sideways in the crosswinds. i truly believe that helped me ride as well as i did.

the highlight of the ride for me was Shepherd's Air Force base. riding thru that base, i was thankful for each man and women who have served America in the military. they do so much for so little. sometimes a THANK U just doesn't seem like enough. as i turned on to the area where they had the planes out and a few men and women in full dress as well as battle gear, i looked at the planes and remembered. in my heart i cried but a nice gal offered to take pics with her cell phone for me and gave me 3. i chose the plane they bring them home in. i chose that one cuz i want all our fighting men and women to come home. after giving her my email, i once again mounted Roadie and took off. a group of soldiers dressed in undershirts and shorts were loud and boisterous as they cheered the riders on. but all i could of was i should be the one cheering y'all on. our military men and women give so much of their lives to serve and fight for my freedom. and they leave family, friends, loved ones behind as they respond to the call of duty. it must be difficult even for those that have done it all their adult lives. i was one of the many riders who thanked them as i rode thru the base. and then exiting the base, i prayed they would all be safe and come home. i also prayed they would have strength for the journey before them.

the ride was really uneventful for me except for 2 chain derailments that happened after the base. the first happened 2 miles after going over some very rough railroad tracks. and the second happened just 2 miles from finish which caused me to loose about 5-7 min on finish time. but i did make the official time under my 2 hr goal by 4 min. total time was 5 min over.

can't wait to go back next year. in 2015, i pedal the 50 mile route or the 100K route. 8)

until next ride... keep pedaling strong and steady... 8)

sandi_1609: SAE11

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 20 July 2014

ROUTE: kearney/beltline/HWY80 service rd

TEMP: 92*F hazy and humid

WIND: 1-5mph

TRIP: 25.46 miles


START TIME: 12:05hrs

END TIME: 12:50hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:49:01

GOAL: to prepare for hotter than hell rally

OF NOTE: very hot, humid, and hazy. virtually no wind to speak of. flags and trees were barely moving. the biggest challenge was the heat.

the whole purpose of this ride is to prepare for the rally in August. i am training myself to ride in this heat and not get overtaken by it. having the endurance is one thing when it's windy and cooler. having the ability to endure a long ride in heat, humidity, and wind is a totally different thing. being able to ride long distances in heat and humidity takes patience. u have to know ur body and how it reacts in different situations. i am attempting to learn how my body will react and how to handle it as i ride in the hotter part of the day.

i do wish i had a friend that could be there with me. but i have my music and HS riding with me. the fact that i can even do this is testament to His healing me and motivating me to be a better me. hopefully, one day, i'll have a friend that sticks with me riding at my speed and pace. but one that will challenge me as my hubby does when we ride together. it is so hard for him to ride at my pace. he tries to stay with me but his natural momentum pulls him away from me. 8) i don't like it but he inspires me and keeps me chasing his pace. one day, i'll be there with him. 8)

for now i ride at my pace always striving to improve on it. however, in the next few weeks, i'll be getting my body ready by riding in the hotter part of the day. and hopefully still be able to ride in the cooler evening.

here's to the challenge i set for myself. with God's help, i believe i can make that challenge happen and be victorious in preparing myself. just have to remember that God is in control and He will never let me down. all i have to do is listen to Him and i'll be just fine. 8)

until next ride... 8)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

sandi_1609: SAE10

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 20 July 2014

ROUTE: HWY 80 service rd/352/tripp/galloway/barnes bridge/beltline/kearney

after bike repair

ROUTE: long creek/clay/east glen/berry/fpl/clay/hospital

TEMP: 92*F


TRIP: 25.46 miles


START TIME: 11:25hrs

END TIME: 13:45hrs

after bike repair



TRIP TIME: 1:49:01

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the S/SE. flat tire at intersection of beltline and kearney. walked bike home with only about 30 minutes of total riding.

decided that my ride would start without warming up thru the neighborhood. so off i went down the HWY80 service rd to 352.

turning left at the light on 352 from the service rd, i headed to tripp rd where i turned left and rode that up to beltline and then to Galloway. i had decided that i would go a different route is all.

as i rode on galloway, i had to decide whether or not i would go to barnes bridge. well, as i waited at the light of galloway and town east. i decided to go to barnes bridge. the ride was really goin' good. as i waited at the light to turn right onto beltline, i spoke briefly with 3 others who were out riding their bikes but goin' strait to tackle the hilly section of barnes bridge. as i rode down beltline, it was quite uneventful. traffic was courteous and light. as i got back on the more familiar part of beltline, i was able to get in a better rhythm. having to be in the middle lane was a bit unnerving but vehicles were courteous and allowed me to move to right lane as soon as the light allowed us to move forward. the ride to kearney was uneventful to kearney. i rode over the rough parts of the road as i always did.

as i topped the small incline from the light, i notice my front tire was low and then it went flat just as i came to the light of beltline and kearney where i had decided to make the turn cuz i was in the left lane and i didn't want to be a problem. i made the left turn carefully as i knew the tire could slip out from under me and it almost did. however, i have a feeling that God held the bike up as i turned cuz if i had come off the bike, i would have hit hard on the road on my left side.

after i got into the right lane of kearney, i stopped the bike and got off. i looked at the front tire and immediately noticed that the tire had frayed a bit more from the hole previously repaired. i also was curious on how far i had traveled. looking at my bike computer, i saw that i had only travelled 12.84 miles. putting my computer in my back left pocket, i proceedeed to walk home. very grateful that it wasn't gonna be a very long walk.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

sandi_1609: SAE09

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 2 July 2014

ROUTE: kearney/galloway/beltline

TEMP: 90*F


TRIP: 17.00 miles


START TIME: 11:25hrs

END TIME: 12:50hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:13:57

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the S/SE. made a few short stops. the last stop was because of hearing something like a spring break off. when i stopped, i saw nothing and continued on my ride.

my ride was very much uneventful. traffic was normal lunch time traffic and i was able to ride unhindered.

my knee is still hurting so i am taking it easy and not really 'pushing' it. i'm using the gears much more. i have finally seen my cadence reach as high as 80 but i cannot maintain it for very long. but i am making progress. the scab just below my knee has stopped oozing and is now completely covering the deep scrap. it is a very thick-feeling scab. guess because the scrap dug out a few layers of skin.

preparing for the hotter than hell challenge in August. am very much looking forward to riding it. so i am training myself a later in the day so i can get used to the heat and be prepared for what i might go thru. since i have never ridden in anything like that b4, i am trying to follow the advice of those that have. and they tell u to make sure u have plenty of hydration and set ur body up so u have the ability to endure and complete ride in a good time.

hopefully, i am doin' just that. with guidance from my hubby and reading the ACTIVE CYCLIST articles, i should be good to go.

when i pulled into the driveway, i heard that same sound as if a spring had come loose but when i got off the bike, i saw a spoke had broken off the inner part of the wheel. so what i thought might be a spring breaking and goin' thru the spokes was actually the end piece that held the spoke in place. it broke clean off. what a surprise to me. and then i thought, 'hubby is gonna be upset with me.'

u see, i am not that skinny. in fact, i weigh over 250 pounds. i'm not happy with that but it's down from much higher. i am working on toning up as well as losing the weight. no excuses. i can only hope that i can ride my bike, Roadie, again soon.

until next ride... 8)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

nite ride gone bad...5July2014

what started out as a really nice ride turned bad in a blink of an eye.

i had decided to take a nite as the daytime was a bit too hot and humid. so when the sun was almost gone, i got ready for my ride. after making sure my tires were ready, i checked to make sure my back light and front lights worked. as i rode my warm-up i actually felt really good, so off i went on my ride. i went up Kearney to Galloway as i was contemplating on taking 80 service road to Gross and home. i had never gone that way. after turning left onto the service road i started gearing up for the climb i knew was coming. however, with it being dark, i didn't see the pothole that has been there a long time. i hit it full force and blew both my tire and innertube. i had not had a flat tire in a very long time. think the last time was on old Shwinn when i was a kid. anyway, after the tire blew, i rode a short distance before actually noticing my front tire was flat. once i realized it was, i started to slow down rather quickly making it to a parking lot.

as i turned in i tried unclipping but the left would not and down i went, hard. landind hard on left knee, elbow, palm of left hand. it took me a few minutes to make sure nothing was broken.

sitting with both legs strait out, i saw the large scrap just below my knee. i felt the sting of road rash on left elbow and searing pain in thumb base. at first i thought it was broke but i was able to move it after a short time. i then turned my attention to the bike.

as i sat on the concrete, i maneuvered the bike upside down so i could change the tire. it was a bit difficult as i was doing it all from a sitting position.

the front tire came easy enough. but getting my tool kit opened was a small challenge. but i did get it opened and ended pulling everything out. placing the tire gently on top of my legs, i struggled to get the tire off the rim. my left hand was not gripping things well and every time i got the tire started, the tire jig would let loose. the tire finally came off.

i found the puncture in the tire and patched it nicely. i then checked the inner tube and found that it was cut twice parallel in same spot. i put the new one in and proceeded to put a little air in before putting tire back on. however, the emergency CO 2 would tighten cuz the lead was too short. i tried several times before deciding to put the tire back on and walk home.

getting the tire back on proved more difficult and i was really wishing for some help to show up. so i asked Daddy to send help and tell my hubby i was down. however, none came for quite a while. i had no idea of time cuz i did not look at my bike computer which had the time. i know i was there for about 30 min alone.

i finally got up and tried putting my tire back on but it still wouldn't go. i am now really getting frustrated but i get that under control. after moving my bike and stuff to the curb, a car pulled up and asked if i was ok and told me they had called 911. a short time later, police showed up. about 10 mins later, an ambulance showed up. i was checked and not taken to hospital per my choice. in all, 3 police cars were there. the car that stopped let me call home and my hubby came out to help me and take me home.

for a ride that should have taken 1.5 hrs, ended up being 2.15 min with most of that time being on the ground. not really condusive to a successful ride. got home around 2345 hrs. i am in a bit of pain, but i will be fine. however, Roadie will need a rest until we get proper replacement tube.

frame, front wheel r undamaged. very happy about that. i will be putting a bit of oil in shoe clips and attachment piece. maybe next time i will be able to unclip. all in all, God definitely had his hand under me cuz it could have been a lot worse. THANK U DADDY for protecting me and keeping safe.

until next ride... 8)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

sandi_1609 - SAE06

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 2 July 2014

ROUTE: main/galloway/tripp

TEMP: 78*F very humid

WIND: strong wind from the South

TRIP: 16.72 miles


START TIME: 10:30hrs

END TIME: 11:54hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:10:24

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the N.

once again the wind came from the north. but this time i was ready for it. tho it was strong for long periods of time, it never really let up. so when i went with the wind, it was a nice break from the constant in my face. along with the clouds and humidity, it was a challenge for me. so i used the challenge to monitor my hydration and rhythm of legs. i had cramping in my left foot and lower calf which was annoying but not ride ending. i stretched my left foot a little more than i usually do. i also was not able to take on the more challenging TownEast hills again. however, i did accomplish a different challenge.

i took the bridge over the railroad tracks. it is quite steep and as always, ended up on lowest gear for climbing. but i was not sturggling as much as i usually did, prolly due to the wind at my back and not my face. it felt good to make it over the bridge without being worn out. i must be getting into better riding shape. after accomplishing that challenge, i headed up Davis/Main to Galloway. that part was uneventful. but the roads r a bit rougher than Beltline. turning onto TownEast i had to keep my bike steady and strait as the wind was blowing against it. i made the decision then not to do the more challenging hills on TownEast and took Beltline instead to Tripp Rd.

i ran over something and when i looked down, it looked like my back tire was flat. 'bummer! i had wanted to practice with hubby b4 i had to do it on the road,' i thought to myself. i pulled over to the little park across from a neighborhood b4 Jobson and took a look. NO FLAT! i was happy. i checked my trip computer and saw i had ridden just over 12 miles so i decided to stop and rest. i had a few bites of my power bar i brought with me and a few squirts of my water mix and poured my bottle with only water in it over my head. that felt really good! 8)

after about 10-15 min, i picked up my bike and road around the pathway b4 getting back on Tripp Rd. i rode to the park i usually stop at and took a potty break and also rode on the path around the pond. it was nice to see it filled up a bit with all the rain we have gotten. i then got back on Tripp Rd and then right on Collins.

with the wind at my back, i was confident that i could maintain some momentum to make it up the incline. i would guess it to be about 3% but it's still a bit of a struggle for me. it's so much easier with the wind at ur back. 8) as i creasted the hill, i decided to go to Old Barn and turn right there into the neighborhood to head home.

it was a great ride!

until next ride...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

sandi_1609 - SAE04: Collin Creek Classic Bike Rally

BIKE: Roadie DATE: 14 June 2014

ROUTE: lawson rd/airport hill

TEMP: 83*F

WIND: wind from the South

TRIP: 26.60 miles


START TIME: 08:10hrs

END TIME: 09:50hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:25:54

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the S/SW.

this ride: Collin Creek Classic.

the ride went well and i was able to keep my rhythm and cadence on track. the route was a little longer than usual due to construction. i am getting more comfortable at riding alone. however, i am still very apprehensive to riding without the a map. the next few rides will be challenging without knowing the area. but i will adjust and follow the marked route closely. one day i'll get the bike computer i would love to have. it would be nice to have maps of my rides.

now all i have to do is stretch the length of my rides so i can ride the longer rally routes and truly enjoy the time on the bike.

as i rode the bike on the route, i was a bit out of sorts. it was only the 2nd start without hubby. i really felt alone. as i rode i was able to chat with a few riders and it helped me brighten up a bit. at the first rest stop, i stopped and took advantage of the facilities. i also had to make a choice on whether or not to ride the 33 mile route but i chose to stay on the 22 mile route. as i rode, i wondered how hubby was doin' as he was riding the 100K. my concerns stemmed from the fact that he had almost 'bonked' on his daily rides. so i prayed for him and started thinking about keeping myself on track. as i rode, i concentrated on my technique and tried to enjoy the ride. i was still struggling with the fact i was riding alone. but i was keeping my busy and chatted with the Lord and prayed for my hubby, kids, and grandkids. b4 i knew it, i was nearing the end of the ride. i took the final challenge of an uphill climb. as with the other climbs, i geared down and pedalled up. as i got to the final left turn, i was feeling like i accomplished the goals i set. the main goal was to finish in under 2 hrs. i made that! after crossing the finish line, i wondered how hubby was doin' and where on the route he might be.

now all i had to do was wait for hubby to return.

until next time...

sandi_1609 - SAE05

BIKE: Roadie DATE: 2 July 2014

ROUTE: kearney/galloway/tripp

TEMP: 81*F

WIND: strong wind from the South

TRIP: 15.48 miles


START TIME: 11:15hrs

END TIME: 12:25hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:25:23

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the N.

i was totally surprised when the wind hit me in the face as i started out on my ride. but when i reached the end of my ride on Collins, it was nice to have the wind at my back as i went up road.

the ride was supposed to include the hills on TownEast east of Beltline however, my daughter caught me at a stop light while i out riding and asked if i could watch the kids as she went to a job interview. so i made sure to watch the time and took out the hills on TownEast as i knew i would not make it back at the appointed time. i ended up goin' on Beltline to Tripp cuz i really wanted to ride Collins.

the ride was a good one and i look forward to riding again tonite, if i get the chance. BIKE: Roadie i would not make it back at the appointed time. i ended up goin' on Beltline to Tripp cuz i really wanted to ride Collins.

the ride was a good one and i look forward to riding again tonite, if i get the chance.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

sandi_1609 - SAE03: Mesquite Bike Rally

BIKE: Roadie DATE: 7 June 2014

ROUTE: 20 mile route

TEMP: 83*F

WIND: strong wind from the South

TRIP: 25.57 miles


START TIME: 08:10hrs

END TIME: 10:30hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:25:23

GOAL: to finish the ride

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the S/SW.

this ride: Mesquite Bike Rally. this is the first ride of summer for me. my goal was to finish the race under 2 hrs. I MADE THAT GOAL!!!

there were a lot of riders at the start. they estimated about 3K.

the start went off quietly and quickly. the police and road crews had the start well marked off with the traffic still able to move. the intersections were well managed. the only rest stop on my route was well stocked and friendly volunteers were ready to help. the rougher areas of the route had been repaired and nice to ride over.

after the ride, the refreshments and food were cold and delicious. Panera really did a nice job. hope to see them again.

my ride personally was lonely. by that i mean i rode alone. hubby had started about 10 minutes ahead of me. i chatted with others as i waited to take off. finally, we were waved on and off i went.

after getting onto my first challenge on Rodeo Center Rd, i climbed with medium incline fairly easy. i surprised myself by not goin' into the lowest gear. after turning onto New Market Rd, i pretty much coasted down the road to Beltline. a quick ride on Beltline to get onto Newsome, a road i had not riden b4 on my bike. another quick jaunt to EastGlen and i was really feeling good. a quick ride on Berry to Scyene and we were on Scyene. i was able to keep with the riders as we got to the split at Larkin/Scyene. those rider the longer route turned left as i continued on down Scyene. pretty much was able to keep my momentum until the right turn onto Lawson, where i quickly lost all the momentum and ended up in the lowest gear to climb the hill.

Lawson is a road that gradual climbs with a few good hills that r quite challenging. after climbing each of the hills, i was able to get up some decent momentum/speed to help get up the next climb. tho i always ended up in the lowest gear.

just after the final hill on this steady incline, u see the steepest part of the climb as u reach I-20. with what i call a small hump to deal with, i was in the lowest gear as i climbed the road. all in all, i did quite well. i did not give up nor did i slow my rhythm down. tho i was winded when i got to the intersection, i smiled and pulled off and rested and refueled. after about 10 minute break, i started off again. with the 'hardest part' conquered, i continued on the route with a new confidence. 8)

as i rode on, i wondered on how i would handle the climb on McKenzie Rd. i didn't do so well the first time i rode it. but i was on my Cannondale. and since riding a good road bike, my confidence was climbing in what i could do. after turning right onto Beltline, i wondered if they had made a mistake but i rode on and followed the signs. when i reached the turn for McKenzie, i goobered. i did a u-turn. DOH!{hit forehead with palm of hand} i realized my mistake and made a u-turn on Beltline and 'retraced my steps'. i was a little embarrased when i saw the officer, again, i nodded saying, ''ello again. dummy me.' i actually was feeling pretty good and wondered about the road. when i came around the bend in the road, i saw the challenge and readied myself. as i rode down the hill gaining momentum from the downhill start, i wasn't all that confident i would be able to make it up. but i pedalled on. as i made my way up the steep hill, i noticed that i wasn't struggling all that much. this bike i am riding is really nice. i am really happy that i have it. this ride is so much easier with a lighter bike and really good tires. i made it to the intersection for the turn onto Pioneer where i put myself in a cruising mode to conserve as much energy as i could for the climb on Bruton Rd.

Bruton Rd gradual climbs to Hwy635. the bridge itself was not much of a problem as the riders were allowed to ride the right lane without having to stop. the road itself is a bit rough, which is not all that great for keeping a fast pace without pedalling continuously. but it kept the legs moving and the bike rolling. after turning onto Sam Houston, i knew i was gonna make it and finish rather strong. i wasn't tired out or anything like that. i thought about riding home on the bike. i felt that good.

the road on Sam Houston was quite rough with a lot of cracks in the road, some of which were marked with spray paint. with this road being a 2-lane, it was challenging to miss the rough stops when cars were coming at me. but i managed and got onto Scyene Rd and headed to the finish. it was a short ride to the turn in to the finish line.

the end of the ride was anticlimatic. not much happening after the ride was finished. i did however chat with a few people as i waited for my hubby to complete his ride. he rode in about 1 hour after me. the ride was great for me as i was able to meet each challenge and complete it.

until the next ride...8)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

sandi_1609 - SAE02

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 4 June 2014

ROUTE: lawson rd/airport hill

TEMP: 83*F

WIND: strong wind from the South

TRIP: 24.57 miles


START TIME: 19:20hrs

END TIME: 21:15hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:43:23

GOAL: 20 miles in 2 hrs

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the S/SE.

this ride was two-fold: 1) help hubby get a work-out without 'bonking'. 2) ride part of the rally route.

started the ride with my warm-up thru the neighborhood. and then down long creek to clay to east glen, which is part of the route for the Mesquite Bike Rally. goin' down east glen, i was riding behind hubby but keeping up. we turned onto berry for a quick jaunt to scyene. my mindset was set and i was in my groove. the fact that i don't get a lot of speed built up does cause me to struggle a bit more climbing but i have learned/trained to keep an even cadence as i pedal up the hill or incline. as i coasted down to the right turn for lawson, i hoped we wouldn't have to make a complete stop, which we didn't. but then i saw the first challenge and put my bike in gear and made the climb. we were goin' on a gradual uphill incline with steep hills. since this was the challenge i wanted to conquer, i got to the task and met the challenge head on. the first few steep rolling hills, went well, even tho i ended up in the lowest gear. i kept pedalling and reached the top only to see my next challenge a short distance ahead. but because i ride for endurance and not speed/power, i am able to keep conquering the challenges. i am may be in the lowest gear and at the end of the pack, but when i reach the top, i am not worn out only winded a bit.

hubby had no trouble climbing the steep hills as he pedalled up the road. i did my best to keep up but i really couldn't even keep up with his cadence. however, since his cadence sensor was broke, he was keeping with me so he wouldn't over do it and 'bonk'. tho it was a struggle, he actually did a slower ride with me and ended up feeling like he could go for a bit longer when we got home.

when we got to airport hill, i did my best to keep up momentum and speed to help me get up the hill. however, my shifting still needs work and i lost momentum. i ended up in lowest gear as usual and after reaching the top, i was winded but not worn out. the rest of the road was a steady climb but much more manageable. the steeper parts found me in lowest gear as usual but i was determined to meet the challenge i set for myself. and i did! we made it to Hwy 20 service road and took a break. we had gone 13 miles. the place we stopped to rest will prolly be a rest stop for the rally. continuing on the service road, which was a gradual incline reminded me of our driveway. i restarted the ride with a renewed strength and i was actually feeling good. travelled the service to beltline where we turned right heading for home. beltline is a gradual incline and easy ride. hubby took lead and we enjoyed the ride.

reaching 5 corners, hubby decided we would stay on beltline. we followed the circle around and continued on our way down beltline.

at this point in the ride, i was feeling renewed and began putting some real power in my pedalling. i got goin' fairly fast and was able to get up a steep incline in highest road gear. i felt absolutely ecstatic and stoked. it really felt good to keep speed and not struggle. when i reached bruton/beltline intersection, i had just stopped my bike when the light turned green. just a bit frustrated, i started up again and was quickly back in my rhythm. the ride was fairly easy with just a slight struggle on a steep incline before leveling off and cruising for a mile. turning right at the high school, we took detour cuz i wanted to avoid the road under a railroad bridge. after returning to beltline, we headed for Hwy 80 service road. turning right onto the service road, we headed home.

the whole ride was very enjoyable, even the more difficult parts for me. i am gonna continue challenging myself and meeting those challenges.

on saturday, i know there will be a challenge at the beginning of the ride on rodeo center rd. it's a good climb to new market rd. i will prolly be in the lowest gear by the time i get to the top of the climb. but new market is a gradual downhill so i will get a bit of rest b4 lawson rd and airport hill and the continual climb to I-20. the final challenge on the route is the continual gradual climb on Bruton to sam houston. i will hopefully be rejuvenated after conquering the mckenzie hill, which is just as challenging as airport hill. but the challenges r there to conquer and overcome. i am up for that challenge and am looking forward to it.

until next ride... :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

sandi_1609 - SAE01

BIKE: Roadie

DATE: 2 June 2014

ROUTE: 20 mile route

TEMP: 81*F

WIND: gentle breeze from the South

TRIP: 18.20 miles


START TIME: 20:05hrs

END TIME: 21:45hrs

TRIP TIME: 1:20:34

GOAL: 20 miles in 2 hrs

OF NOTE: the wind was constant from the S/SE.

this ride is made on Roadie, my new Specialized Allez Elite.

the route is designed to do more 'climbing'. i am now riding my neighborhood for warmup and then off to Kearney and up that gradual incline to I-635 bridge. over the bridge and right to theater. around theater to 80 service road and slowly up and over the highway again. the service road is a gradual incline with a steeper section to Galloway. right onto Galloway with a break from so much climbing. after a short break at the Mesquite Police Department, outdoors of course. returning to Galloway, i make a left to Kearney. climb a short distance and then roll down the road to the light and hope i don't have to stop. turning right onto Collins/352, i have 2 challenges. the first is a short but steep hill with a very short downgrade to the main challenge for my ride. the railroad bridge is the challenge i placed at the end of my ride to challenge myself. and a challenge it is. with absolutely no momentum to help me climb this steep bridge, i dug in and got as much speed/momemtum i could and then started downshifting one at a time. by the time, i got to the top, i was in first gear and breathing fairly hard, but i had made it and continued on down the other side. turning right onto Main i geared up and started the incline. with this being at the end of my ride, i was definitely tiring but i had an energy that let me go a bit further and i made a ride that was close to 20 miles.

i am proud that i have finally gotten one item on my challenge list marked off. my next challenge is to tackle the many climbs on the McKinney Bike Rally on June 14th. but first i'll complete the Mesquite Bike Rally. 8)

there is one thing i wish i had tho: a friend that can ride with me. maybe one day, i'll find a friend that i can ride with. one day. 8)

until next time...

Friday, May 23, 2014

new bike & morning ride-May 23, 2014

it has been a while since i last posted here but a lot has happened since i last rode my Cannondale SL4. here's the update:

April 26, 2014
the weather had not been really conducive to biking as there were a lot of days that were wet and very, very, very, windy. but April 26th was a day that we could have ridden the bikes. however, we had the grandkids and shopping to do. but first hubby wanted to check out a place called Plano Cycling. i had told him a few days earlier that we could check it on Saturday and he held me to it. u c, he had a coupon he wanted to use. since we had the grandkids, it was gonna be a fun day anyway. so y not check it out first thing. off we went. 8)
as hubby looked around, i kept up with the kids. they wanted to explore and so did i. as the grandkids hand pedalled the bikes they could reach, i looked around for a road bike in the color i wanted. of course i found it. as i was pointing to the bike, which was on the second tier, hubby suggested that i get fitted for a bike. guess he wanted to make sure my Cannondale was the right size. i told him i have to loose about 50 pounds b4 u would buy me a roadie. but i finally gave in.
it is quite interesting how they measure u. they measure ur arm length, hip to toe, and where ur chin  reaches the stem as u r leaning on the handle bars. after all that, i stood against a board and they put the measurements in the computer. i need a 52 size bike in order to ride comfortably with no unnecessary straining or being to compact. i then was able to ride the bike i had found and liked. b4 riding they rechecked the reach, how my hips measured up, and my chin position above the stem of the bike. we grabbed a helmet and off i went to test the bike.
as i started on my test ride, i couldn't believe how well the bike fit me. i loved the feel and handling of the bike. and even tho i don't care for brifters, they were easy to use. tho adjustments would definitely be needed. same for the brakes. but the brakes did their job. it took a few minutes for me to get the feel of the bike as i rode in the small parking lot. fifteen minutes later, i pulled up and stopped in front of the sales guy and my hubby with a big smile on my face. "love this bike," i said.
hubby smiled and asked if i had any problems with braking or shifting. i told him a little but it's just a test ride. he then asked, "do u want it?" 
i answered, "yes, but i have to loose a few more pounds b4 i get the road bike u said." he just looked at me.
"will u be happy with this bike?" he asked.
"yes, this is the bike i want." i answered. he smiled and said, "it's yours." my jaw just dropped to the ground and i had the biggest grin/smile. all i could think of was, 'i can't believe this is happening. we were supposed to pick something up that he wanted. and now, i'm getting my bike b4 i loose the weight.' i looked at him and followed them into the store.
not only did i get this bike:

but i also got a new helmet, bike bag with accessories, and water bottle holders. as u can see, the bike is a SPECIALIZED ALLEZ ELITE. i love the colors and the little bit of red on the bike is exactly what i wanted. as money allows, i will get new brifters where the wires r all tucked away under the bar wrapping. we just got in the cadence wiring and will soon have that on. i have been riding this bike for almost a month now. Red, my Cannondale, hasn't been ridden but once or twice since i got Roadie, my Specialized. this is the bike i will ride in the road rallies. 
i still get a bit overwhelmed when i think about already having my road bike. and the only reason i wanted one was to keep up with my hubby. i know if he rides his Cannondale and i ride Roadie, i can definitely keep up with him. but i have just a bit more work to do to keep up with him on Roadie here. we have 2 different styles of riding but when we ride together, we find a happy middle and have fun with it.
on Wednesday, hubby decided to ride to walgreens instead of drive. it was already close to his bed time, around 2000 hrs. but he wanted to ride. the winds were strong so he said we would ride the Cannondales. and we rode to Walgreens.
it was great! i was still slower than him but i didn't have that much trouble getting up the gradual incline like i used to. i was really proud of myself and happy to have the struggle so much less.

May 23, 2014
as of yet, i do not have my bike computer mounted on Roadie. hubby will get it on sometime in the next few days.
today, i didn't have my grandson so i decided to do a ride since i hadn't done a mornin' ride in a very long time.
i am preparing for the June 7th Mesquite ride and need to start tackling the more steeper climbs. i know that i can do it but being prepared is always a good idea. knowing when to shift and when to coast can help u a lot.
i started out on my regular neighborhood warm-up then onto 352 south i went. i looked at the challenging hill climb and started gathering speed. but the light turned red and instead of starting from a stop, i turned right onto Kearney and headed to the highway overpass. i decided that if i can make it over that bridge starting at a stop, then i can tackle the railroad bridge on 352.
well, i made it up Kearney to Gross with no problem and rather quickly. i kept it steady as i continued on. as expected, i was stopped at the light for the bridge overpass. having made sure i was in a low gear to start off with, i quickly shifted up 2 as i climbed the bridge. not very difficult. as i came down the other side, i had to decide which road to take to the service road on 80. i chose the one that leads to the movie theater. i wanted the challenge of having to get my bike over the bridge from a slower speed. i need to work on that. as i reached the bridge that would take me over 365, a lone car was all i had to wait on and i didn't even slow down for it. the timing was perfect as i reached the intersection. the whizzed by and i turned on to the service road with some good speed. i was able to cross the bridge with no trouble.
as i looked to my right, i saw cars on the highway coming fast and it did give a strange feeling. but i enjoyed it and continued on my way. i continued the ride east on the service road of 80 not really having much trouble. thankfully, the cars exiting the highway were few and spaced just right so i was able to move right onto Galloway without having to stop.
having never riden my bike on that part of Galloway b4, it was a challenge to stay in my lane and out of the cracks in the road. some were wide enough to swallow my narrow tires. rode Galloway all the way to Kearney and turned onto it to head home. but i still wanted to climb the railroad bridge. my ride was near the end but i decided to go ahead and tackle the thing.
turning right onto Collins, i had good speed but the gear shifting took that away fast. the small hill cost me my momentum so i had to power pedal but quickly ended up in the lowest gear i have. it was a struggle. i almost gave up. but i chose to keep goin'. 8) i'm glad i did. when i reached the top, i pulled to the side and got off the bike. calmed my breathing down and just rested a bit. i had already decided not to go down the other side where the light was. i waited for the traffice to clear and then remounted and rode back down the bridge heading north and to home. got pretty good speed as i came down the bridge hill. sailed thru the light and up the the incline to Old Barn Rd. turning left off 352 to  Old Barn, i headed strait for home.
i am proud of my self for tackling that bridge at the end of my ride. i feel like i can actually make it now. 8)

the 20 miles of steep inclines and continuous gradual inclines should be easier to deal with come rally day. and the McKinney road rally on June 14, 2014 should be easier to handle as well. Roadie has definitely made my rally rides a lot easier.

until next time...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


riding a new route to get ready for my first bike rally on June 7, 2014.

DATE: 23 April 2014

ROUTE: 18 mile route

TEMP: 76*F

WIND: steady strong wind from the South

TRIP: 13.58 miles


START TIME: 10:15hrs

TOTAL TIME: 1:07:30

GOAL: 20 miles in 2 hrs

OF NOTE: very steady and strong wind from the south. it was a good workout! i cut it short as i did not do the neighborhood again to make the 18 miles. this morning ride felt really good. so glad to get out there. as i was riding i made someone smile as i rode by them getting into their car. she smiled big and i returned the smile. i will ride this route for the next week b4 i add to it.

the ride today was so refreshing! i am looking forward to getting into better shape so i can live a more active life. there is so much out there to do and experience. it's time i got to living life and enjoying the time i have been given.

i am riding with my pack so i can listen to music and help me keep up the pace. i find that the music helps me keep my legs moving.

however, i do have a few things that need to be addressed. such as my hands "goin' to sleep" and some left knee pain. with help from hubby, we should be able to tweek it so i can ride with no or little pain. but the pain will NOT stop me from enjoying the bike. still looking for a riding partner that goes my pace. i tend to ride for endurance rather than speed. so wish my youngest daughter was up here. she would ride with me. hopefully, soon i'll get a riding partner. just have to be patient, i guess. riding alone does give me time to think, pray, and converse with my Lord. He is so refreshing and gentle as he speaks to me. even tho i am now riding and listening to music, i still have conversations and He talks with me. so i guess riding alone isn't really alone, eh?

as i sit here writing this, i am watching the Cubs play against the D-backs. i am content in knowin' that i can actually enjoy the game on TV as i have already completed a goal. now to get motivated to finish the stuff in the house... :) hehehe... not my favorite thing to do. well, better get something to eat.

2nd ride DATE: 23 April 2014

ROUTE: 18 mile route

TEMP: 82*F

WIND: steady strong wind from the South

TRIP: 15.33 miles


START TIME: 18:35hrs

TOTAL TIME: 1:19:49

GOAL: 20 miles in 2 hrs

OF NOTE: very steady and strong wind from the south. it was a good workout!

2nd ride of the day. same route as morning ride. was a bit more challenging as the wind had picked up quite a bit.

as with the mornin' ride, i listened to music, which helped me to keep goin'. i once again, kept up my pedaling against the wind tho i struggled a bit more than the mornin' ride. guess i'll eat better b4 i go on a second ride.

i have a long way to go b4 i am ready for my first bike rally. but i am well on my way to reaching my goal.